The Elemental World

The reason why the elemental world has become harder to see is because they have been hurt by mankind on too many occasions. That with the system of non-belief they withdrew to a place that is more safe for them, where they will not be hurt or corrupted by the systems which currently rule the world.

We now have to re-earn their trust, show them that we come from a place of honor and truth. Welcome them back into the fold, allowing them to share their knowledge and gifts with us once more.

There are elementals upon elementals and I still see some that I have never seen before, nor do I even know what their duty in the elemental world is.

I will be sharing my own experiences with them and detailing what information I do have on them. I WELCOME ALL TO DO THE SAME – because with our expression of them – we are already showing them that we are true and welcome them back once more.

Never doubt or question yourself when you feel you’ve had an elemental experience – for you surely have. It is the conditioning that we have been exposed to that blinds us to their presence. They are around us, they have always been – but our mind makes us not-see what is really there.
But when looking through your heart, all is exposed and made visible.

Now elementals come in all shapes and sizes – from the small fairies, pixies and gnomes, to giants and huge almost sluglike crawlers working on the surface. They are really EVERYWHERE.
Some more hidden than others, dragons have been hunted down and killed by man – misunderstood for their mission and their keepership. Thus they withdrew into hiding places, not seeking the company of man. Such great keepers of knowledge and power, they are especially needed in the new world and we must work together to bring them back as they are sorely needed.

It is only through innocence that one can truly connect with elementals – why do you think children see them so readily until they are conditioned out of that state.
You must hold no fear, ego, despair or sovereignty when seeking them out for they shall not show themselves to you if so.

Remember, that a fairy isn’t just a fairy. Just like there are many different nationalities and ethnics in the world, just so do you have in the world of elementals. Elementals come in varied shapes and sizes, to help them fulfill their objectives and match their surroundings. Don’t be surprised if you saw a fairy the size of a toddler – it is highly possible. It is once again our rational mind that tells us it’s not real.

Rekindling the forgotten mystic knowledge

With bliss and joy

3 thoughts on “The Elemental World”

  1. I have always felt connected to the earth but it hasn’t been till the last 6 months that I have really felt connected to elementals. My life is strange to look back on because 12 months ago I would have laughed if someone told fairies were real. Now I am a total believer.

    I have never seen a fairy but I have often had moments when I am in the garden and I feel a jolt of joy move through me. Usually when I am looking at a flower or tree etc.

    So while I havent seen them I believe I have felt them. It is my truest wish that one day they trust me enough to reveal themselves. Or I trust myself enough to see them 😉


  2. It’s so interesting. I have never really considered the existence of fairies but at the same never doubted it either. Staying open to the mysteries and beauties of this lifetime has been the only way to get through hurdles. For some reason, I started thinking about the concept of Indigo children after coming across your post. My limited understanding allows me to only share this: that there is a generation of youth who function and are motivated differently. They are entering this lifetime in increasing numbers and are often diagnosed as having learning disabilities. The metaphysical perspective is that they are special children who may be here to restore humanity to some grace and that they just need to be engaged differently. This came to mind when you mentioned the toddler sized fairy:). I am an optimistic cynic who is always looking to learn more. Beautiful pictures by the way.

  3. I was just searching for this info for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this type of informative sites in top of the list.

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