Fire of passion, in this I am free

This is my fire, this is my life
This is how I breathe
I ignite in passion, beauty and flame
I burn away the doubts, the empty words of hidden pain and shame
In solitude I burn with a fury that blinds the sun
Movement of grace and beauty like none
Flow with me now, to beats that transcends these human ears
Exquisitely we mould the realities and worlds of our choice
Nothing can withstand the pulse of our soul
The music to which we move
That which emanates from our core and reverberates forth into every part of what is an existence
We do not fear, we do not shudder
Only tranquility is left in our wake

Take now the fire, the beat, the song that is sung from every corner
Let it move inside of you, embrace you, engulf who and what you are
Be lost in the joy, be lost in the trance of overbearing freedom
There is no tomorrow
There is no more yesterday
There is now
And now
And now again
I am fire, I am free
I dance to my beat, I dance to this moment
I am free in joy
I dance

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