You have arrived

You’ll know it once you’re there
When you’ve reach a stage in your life that you can look back and understand
Reminisce on moments of joy: laughter and fun
Contemplate on the reasons for the tears and pain
Fully grasp the purpose of every moment that has led up to the one you are in now
For you have arrived – on a new plateau

A stage of your life that you can fully understand where you have come from
To look back, see the challenges, obstacles and many fears you have faced – and conquered
How it has shaped you into what you are now – how much the better you have become

The road is far from over, as yet there are many more challenges to come – but now, in this moment – there are none
Embrace it, remember it – for the next stage might take a long time to come
But it shall be so much more sweeter than this one, that’s what keeps us going
So gather yourself, and set your sights
You thought that was good, the best is yet to come…

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