Website Updates 8 March 2013

I hope everyone is coping with all the Pisces energy that is running around.  Some of my friends are actually going into retreat due to them being overly sensitive and overwhelmed by everything that they are picking up currently.

Expect this dreamy energy to continue, with the apex 10-12th of March.  We will have 7 planets lined up in Pisces, unprecedented for our lifetime.  So dream and dream big.

I have added Angelics to the Understanding Energy section

and 2 new elementals



I am halfway with a big write up about Lady Gaia so expect to see that shortly.

Much love to everyone!

With Honor in Service

2 thoughts on “Website Updates 8 March 2013”

  1. About 30 minutes ago I just cried my eyes out!!! The past 2 days have been extremely challenging! I only hope it gets better!!!

    1. As I said, the energies are due to intensify and become stronger. So know that whatever is coming up now is good and just embrace it. Things will be easier after the 12th as planets slowly start moving out of Pisces and into strong Aries. Never in our lifetime (nor will we ever again in this life) have we had so many planets in 1 sign – and Pisces is the most Spiritual sign out there, so for us on the Spiritual path, we feel the effects.

      Just take it easy 🙂

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