Welcome, welcome to this moment…

“Life is a series of moments, all leading to an end
Yet is it the choices we make within those moments that leads us to the truth of what is ‘an end’
And our belief – that which colors and shapes moments – is what propels us towards that state of being,
of knowing: infinitely, intrinsically, limitlessly”

Welcome to this moment!  A moment of bliss, of joy, of infinite possibilities – it is so because you choose it to be so.  We are the architects of our own experience – thus it is the choices we make in the moments of life fuelled by the believes we have that manifest our reality.

Some are conscious, we are aware of making those choices, yet others are unconscious.  Life is an endless streams of choices, one leading into the next.  It is our choice to become aware of this and our choice to take control of these choices – the choice to believe, to be, to become, to be more than just exist.

Many things are destined to be, yet it is our choice to flow with the path of destiny, or to resist the flow of what will eventually be.


It is my pleasure to share my knowledge here with you, today, in this moment.  Knowledge of things that I remember, got told and know.

To help you remember the things which you already innately know.  To remember your Divine being, to embody your truest potential.  Learn more about what kind of energy you carry here.

Learn more about the Elementals, beings of Lady Gaia.  Their roles within the Elemental Kingdom and how they can help teach us.

Read more about my Vision for community, to bring back the old knowledge of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Mesopotamia and many other lost civilizations and live in harmony with all energies.

I also offer sessions for those that want to clear any past life blocks they may have, to be put in touch with their true gifts and abilities for this lifetime, where they should be connecting to and gain some new direction within their life.  I am not a healer, instead I empower beings, helping them to realign with their greatest and truest abilities and being.

I choose to believe

10 thoughts on “Welcome, welcome to this moment…”

  1. Justin, you writings are so powerful,and really head directly for your heart, which I’m sure that is what you intended. Thank you!

  2. I have had sessions with Justin for over a year I am thankful and grateful that I met him. The sessions have been deep from past life openings to what is relevant in the moment. There is joy and laughter, I recommend his sessions to further ones openness to embrace the self-love of expansion and forward movement of the heart.
    From my heart to your heart.
    Brian-Bruno O’Reilly

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