My Mission Statement

Justin Andries

the Keeper of Al Shanté


This word is what I seek most in the world. With all my lives and experiences it is the one word that seems to have failed countless times.

Yes, I want power restored to Lady Gaia and for us to honor and respect her – but we must be united in our cause and venture forth.


I am the Keeper of Al Shanté. I have been there since the beginning of Gaia, my undertaking: to live every possible human life. I hold the knowledge of countless lifetimes. I have memories of being strangled by my servants for being a cruel master, or a medicine woman in a jungle and watching a volcano explode. I have been a sorceress in the middle east destroying an opposing army, or a simple housemaid in Ireland.

I have been all this and more, every single grain of sand has felt my presence. I have seen every sunset and sunrise for that is my mission. All of this accumulated knowledge is Al Shanté, stored within an etheric crystal. It is this that will merge with Gaia in my coming lifetime to help her ascend. With this knowledge she will know what it is like to be living on her, she will see the other perspective and know what the human race is capable of.

Together with 4 other souls I will merge with the Al Shanté and then in turn with Lady Gaia.  Each soul adds a different key to the equation that will bring about the change of the world. I have seen much flooding and destruction taking place, but also many magnetic grids of light will be activated at the same time. Immense pillars of light will be visible from everywhere and an expansive network of energy and light will become visible in the sky during the activation. That is all that I have been shown and with that knowledge I understand the magnitude of my mission.

Not only do I wish for the knowledge of the elementals to return but to see what has been lost over time to come back. I want what has been denied and forgotten to return so that we can be united and remember we are all one. It is time for us to stand together as a team in this endeavor of universal ascension. We are one and one is all – is that not true? So we must be as such and set aside our ego’s, our will for supremacy, our need for that which is not required. We are all here on a mission – be it for personal growth or for knowledge that will be passed onto your home planet. For helping to maintain the current vibration and ultimately assisting in raising it even higher that we will all achieve the beauty of what is hidden within our soul – our true being of love, joy and unity.

I reach out to all, to any that see this message and to any that feel inclined so. Let us stand together, let us share our gifts and our abilities. Let us share the unity that we have and feel for each other and stand together in glorious majesty. The stronger we are, the more powerful we are in conquering the social moulds that cloud people’s mind. The stronger we are united, the quicker we can bring about the New World, the New Reality that which so many of us seeks.

With honor in service

3 thoughts on “My Mission Statement”

  1. Hi Justin, I’m a little blown away as I have had exactly the same visions and carry wisdom from millenia of lifetimes. I know I was part of a team at the beginning of Gaia. Maybe we should chat?
    Kimberley ♥

  2. Hi justin, thank you for sharing everything on your site x it clearly resonates and i hope to communicate more in such a way that will truly serve our highest good and happiness and that of One and all x Unity x

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