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With my recent explosion of passion and dreaming, I started to notice something in the people who I was conversing with.


It’s a big word, one of the more difficult ones to integrate.  How often and easily do we lose that word, or chose not to even acknowledge it.

But, if we did not have hope, what ‘hope’ would there be for the future?  So much happens which we cannot even try to understand or grasp – I’ve had numerous recent experiences where I realize half way through that it’s an impossibility where I am finding myself in –  both good and bad, but yet I could never have imagine myself in such a place/state.

Not that trust and surrender isn’t as powerful – but hope instills a dream for something which isn’t totally there yet.

As I wanted to write this next line, I looked up and saw 3 birds perched on a wire – the one hopping closer to the others.  EXACTLY what we must do.  To have a similar hope, a dream and stand together in our belief of it.

Through my strength, your strength, my love, your passion, my belief, your trust – we have hope and know that the future is going to be an incredible place.  We do it together – UNITED

And now with tears in my eyes – nothing can break that bond.  An absolute fundamental soul desire – to unite again with all – in remembrance of Mother/Father/God.  It is a beauty beyond words, for such a feeling cannot be articulated.  It can only be felt with your heart and soul.

With a closeness to your fellow human, no expectations, attachments, desires or ego.  Honest love that holds no conditions.

I have hope in this future

In this now

I am hope

I will shine it to all so that they may see

Come, hold my hand and have hope with me too

For our hope

Will become reality

Just with that simple act!


Such a powerful word but so difficult to apply. To just let things be the way they are and not hold onto anything.

But you only need to remind yourself, that there is only now. No future, for that doesn’t exist. And no past, because it’s just that, in the past.

The future is untold, there are variables upon countless variables that could alter the course of it beyond measure, you have zero control over how it will flow – you could try and steer it but ultimately it’s a creature of its own.

The past has past, you cannot change it, you cannot go back, you cannot live there. It has come and gone and left you in its dust going in the other direction. Yes we must learn from the past, but it’s not something to hold onto, for dear life sometimes we refuse to let it go and move on with our lives.

So right now, right here, is where I am. I can only control the emotions and thoughts that I have now.
How do you feel?
Are you happy?

Remember you cannot be over what is going to happen, because it is GOING to happen, it hasn’t happened yet.
You cannot be over what has been, because it’s not now. Whatever hurt you is not there with you, so it cannot hurt you now.
So my decision is to be happy, as human beings that is what we want most in life – happiness and joy.
I can control this moment, so if I am sad – what can I do to bring joy back into my life – in that moment. How can I change the situation, of the current time and space that I am found in, into something which is beautiful and wonderful (however small)?

This moment is yours, the past has no claim on it, the future has no desire for it. You control it, you have control beyond measure as to how it will flow – choose to be happy, surrender into each moment, not thinking about forces that are beyond your control.

With that, surrender into the ultimate flow, things just ‘are’ – and they’ll definitely be better.