3 thoughts on “Contact Details”

  1. Oh my goodness… have I got to talk to you! Ive always felt like a lightworker/healer and I know of my gaurdians and angels they walk with me often and gaurd me, I come frome English Scottish descent the royals to be exact that were in fact exiled from Scotland to ensure the Crown; at anyrate thats least of my wonders as of lately I have been attracting children spirits recently lost souls, I was talking to one in particular that I have a deep love for he now has his wings and comes visits. While I was talking I took 3 pictures mostly because he shows up at times only he wasnt the only one to visit me… I had a messenger id not seen before and im sure you know of him, actually there is like a wonderland going on around me it would seem I was thinkink of friending you on FB or can I send you those pics? Its very interesting to expand and really look at them. Thx you Namaste, Kari Christner

    1. Hello Kari,

      I have been having the most amazing but full on time of it lately and didnt see this comment till now.

      I spend alot of time on my FB page called My Spiritual Journies (picture is a yellow puff ball plant)

      I would love to see your pics and connect with you 🙂 you sound like you are having the most amazing experiences to ❤

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