Galactic Origins, Our History

We are all visitors on Earth.  None of us originate from this planet as this planet was created for the purpose of an experiment.

My perception of this universe
My perception of this universe

The inception of Gaia

The great council of the Central Sun decided that we, as the collective sparks of Mother/Father/God, had to experience something new, that we had to expand and grow past our current stage of awareness.

The grand stage – a new planet.  A planet where we will be given free will and be allowed to experience a life, away from that which we are used to on our own home planet.

Lady Gaia – one of the council members agreed to undertake this, to oversee and support this new endeavor.

At that time, my people – who contain the genetic blueprint of the universe were contacted.  My people are the building blocks of all creation, we expand and grow into stars/planets/galaxies and systems.

Lady Gaia was impregnated into one of my fellow beings, sealing a bond between planet and spirit.  Then the creation process started, the expanding, colliding, fusing and morphing of being to solid matter.

Earth was formed – and Lady Gaia – a part of it.
Earth was formed – and Lady Gaia – a part of it.

The Rise and Fall of those who came before

As Earth was now created, souls were then sent to Earth – to have the new experience, to gain new knowledge and insight.  We had the Atlanteans and Lemurians.

Where the Atlanteans were in physical form, the Lemurians always remained incorporeal – that is why they were able to maintain such a high frequency.  They were never condensed down to physical being thus they did not become corrupted and fell like the Atlanteans did.

There is little known about Lemuria – its secrets are lost in the Pacific ocean.  Part of my role this lifetime is to help anchor light portals around the basin of Lemuria – in preparation of my next lifetime on earth when Lemuria will rise again.

Where I have been shown the continent of Lemuria used to be.
Where I have been shown the continent of Lemuria used to be.

Fragments of the continent can still be found, also energetically the energy is latent in South and North America on the West coast.

Lemuria was far more advanced in all ways compared to Atlantis, but due to us not having physical bodies back then – we never ‘failed’ like the Atlanteans did.   The little that I do remember however, was that a decision was made to shut Lemuria down, that the continent would disappear below the waves of the ocean and all the knowledge along with it.

There is much speculation over the relation between Lemuria and Atlantis, what is certain however is that for a period they were both in existence at the same time. Lemuria was the first establishment however, and thus also the first to shut down before the fall of Atlantis.

96% of the people on Earth right now have spent some time as either an Atlantean or Lemurian in a past life(s).  Even if you have only had a short stay, you are here now to help heal past transgression, clear karma and ascend into the new world together.

The councils of Light

Now, shows like Star Wars and Star Trek aren’t the imaginary works of people with active imaginations.  If you could understand the scope of the universe and the many factions within it there really is – it pales in comparison to what we have seen in the aforementioned shows.  The intricacies are unparalleled to anything the human mind could ever perceive.

1.  The Central Sun

All of creation stems from the Central Sun, if you speak about the big bang, this would be where it all started.  What scientist however deny is that this was all planned and that this is the heart of our beloved Mother/Father/God.  Here, we find the highest of councils that extend well into the infinite reaches of time and reality.  Many of the great masters originate from here – their frequency being of the purest and highest vibration.

Supreme Counsil of Light

The supreme council is found here, ultra multi-dimensional beings that are vibrating at all frequencies, across all time and reality – some entire species within one being.  There is no separation and they are a true testament to that.  They are absolute God creation and they seek only to maintain and uplift that frequency.  I, myself am uncertain of their role as I have never been addressed by them directly.  They reside in the inner most chambers of the Central Sun and they are magnificent.  Moving to the outer perimeters, you find scientist, libraries, scouts, interstellar gateways, conduit plasma chambers.

Those beings that are stationed within the central sun are of absolute God vibration – they are beyond purity and strive towards raising all universal beings to that same level.  They are conscious across all planes and are constantly communicating, relaying and enhancing wherever they go.

I have met some humans that originate from the Central Sun – their frequency on Earth is also well beyond that of any normal human being.  They have large roles to play, their soul is incarnate here now to help us shift and move higher.

2.  The White Brotherhood of Light

This is the master faction that oversees all races who have signed the treaty of One. Still now, there are more and more planets/galaxies/races coming aboard and joining together in unity for ultimate light to prevail.  There are darker forces in the universe: Greys, Dragoncians and Reptilians – who seek to diminish the forces of light.

White Brotherhood of Light

The reason some planets are not part of the White Brotherhood of Light is because some are just pure light beings – they have attained and are maintaining absolute purity, thus it is difficult for them to associate with other races/beings and not have their frequency compromised.  Right now however, there is a Universal push for all beings to come together, not just on earth – this is large scale people!

The White Brotherhood of Light is a master council only secondary to that of the Central Sun.  They connect all the dots, they relay and orchestrate grand schemes for the higher good, involving all other races and factions that have signed the treaty.

3.  Ashtar Command

Ashtar Command is the hand, the brute force that stands in front of the White Brotherhood of Light.  They commandeer trillions of spaceships, travelling between universes – striving to maintain peace, upkeep light and serve the higher good, the Law of One.

Lord Ashtar oversees this faction – a grand master that originates from the Central Sun.  He is aware at all times, he sees and understands well beyond the reaches of time and is always in communication with thousands upon thousands of his command.

Right now, it is his highest mission to help Earth and all the beings on it attain ascension.  Many of his agents are here right now, walking among us and assisting from the ground level.

Lord and Commander Ashtar

With assistance from the White Brotherhood of Light and the engineers under his command – they are constantly re-patterning and altering the electromagnetic fields of Earth and us too.  Blatant, high frequency alterations normally coincide with a comet, solar flares or earth quakes.  There are no coincidences.  Humanity is being shifted higher and higher into Divinity – we are fully supported and guided in this by ALL the other beings, the sparks of One.

There are many more councils, overseeing all aspects of the universe.  They are all interlinked and connected to each other.  With more and more beings signing the treaty of One, this expands and grows – becoming a massive network of unity.

Where are we now.

With the 21st of December 2012, part of what happened was that Earth passed over the Universal equator, into an entirely new field of energy.  This was instant recalibration of EVERYONES energy – and this will just continue as we keep moving forward.  As more and more asteroids will be approaching Earth, solar flares increasing and intensifying, more visitations from the Ashtar Command and the planets within our own solar system moving into key positions to affect the energy we are exposed to – things are picking up and moving faster and faster.

Our energies are now constantly being calibrated, new holograms being encoded - all part of the Ascension process.
Our energies are now constantly being calibrated, new holograms being encoded into us – all part of the Ascension process.

Just as much as we still have control over our lives – currently it is like being on a rollercoaster ride.  You are free to do as you wish inside of the cart but the cart is picking up speed and moving in a direction you have no control over.  And by picking up speed, I mean that there are nuclear-powered-rocket-jetpacks strapped to the cart.  Just ‘nudging us gently’ along the way.

The age we are approaching supersedes that of the Golden Atlantean Age.  This is absolute, complete and whole unity we are being propelled towards. The time for playing has long been forgotten by the higher beings and we are being rapidly escalated into the Dawn of Absolute Existence.

People are waking up and starting to question life at alarming rates (in a good way).  This is the shift we have been waiting for, everything we have ever done – in this lifetime and prior – is leading up to this point.

The events are escalating, the experiences intensifying – what lies ahead of us is pure, radiant brilliance.  And we are all privileged enough to experience that first hand, to relish in the wonder of it.

Golden Age

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