Past Lifetimes

Many people are fascinated by past lifetimes, wanting to know as much as they can about their previous incarnations.  The intrigue is understandable yet I feel sometimes the energy is misdirected.  Here I will explain how I understand past lifetimes and how they serve us in the current.

We are all Sparks of Creation, Sparks of Mother/Father/God.  Thus there is no separation between any of us as we are all connected, interlinked and the same.

See and honor the infinite in others as they see and honor the infinite in you.

Now you, as a soul is stored within a Monad.  A Monad is the Master Soul if you will – compromising of 144 000 different aspects of your Soul.  Very much like Hindu religion, there are 144 000 different gods, all originating from the original 3 – Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma.  The aforementioned all originating from the Divine Master Creator.  So each god represents a certain aspect of creation and life, all comprised together equals the Supreme Creator. Likewise we are the same.  Your Monad contains many different aspects – all cohesively making up your Supreme Sentient being.  Combine all the Monads together and we have God, think of the Monads as cells in a body.  One cannot function without the others, all cohesively making a full being.

Example: I have lived a great many lives.  Part of my mission is to experience every kind of life possible – ergo I have had lives where I was a horrible, if not shockingly so, individual.  One life in particular stands out where I was such an atrocious master to my servants that I got strangled in a back alley at the age of 34.  For those that know me I am the farthest thing from that person in this life, yet he is still a part of me.  I have had that experience; it is part of my master make-up with the experience being stored in my Monad.

So when your Soul decides to incarnate, it chooses certain aspects and experiences it wishes to learn and incorporate into the greater Psyche.  There is a great deal one can experience, thus the selection process is decided well before you even incarnate.  Many elements are not present in one life as they are not required.  Much like in Astrology, there are 12 houses yet only 10 main aspect points.  Not all houses can be filled, the same applies here. Experiences from certain lives are carried forward into this life, along with choosing the base elements (such as parents, location ect) which will shape the course of the experience and life.  All that has been chosen then splits from the Monad and descends as your Higher Self onto Earth.

The Higher Self is what we aspire to become, it is the full realization and representation of our Destiny.  Often we speak:  “Connect to your Higher Self”.  I would in session communicate with your Higher Self as much guidance can be derived from such interactions.  Your Higher Self only has the highest and purist intentions for you.  Where the Monad keeps our connection to Divine Source, energizes and lends us vitality – the Higher Self is our Self-guide.  Merely our greater conscious self that has transcended all the challenges we feel we are facing in this human body.


As we incarnate into a body the Higher Self splits and the lower self descends into the body we inhabit currently.  It is the lower self that is currently reading this page, assimilating the information while the Higher Self is already conscious of it.  Your lower self is merely remembering what the Higher Self already knows.  One of the biggest things I tell people is nothing is new, we are merely remembering who we are.

See the chain that has been formed, you right now as the lower self.

The Higher Self who is the full realization of this lifetime’s lessons.

The Monad that stores all aspects of your True Soul and hold the pure connection to Divine Source.

There is the path of Destiny and then freewill upon the path of Destiny.  It is your choice to flow with the lessons of your Soul or to fight against it.
There is the path of Destiny and then freewill upon the path of Destiny. It is your choice to flow with the lessons of your Soul or to fight against it.

Now time is not linear, thus many things are happening at the same time.  A lifetime of 2 000 years ago is transpiring at this very moment.  Not all lives are wonderful and we are left with certain scars and wounds from previous incarnations (if looking at time linearly).  The past lifetime wounds we experience in this life are those that the Monad decided to carry forward and affect us in this incarnation.  Therefore, by working on the past lives that are ‘aggravated’ and healing them do you heal some aspect of your current incarnation aswell.  Again, remember that time is not linear – you are healing that life that is currently playing out some 2 000 years in the past.

Another example is that two lifetimes ago my brother got killed infront of me and me shortly after him.  During my last moments I went into a rage of unequivocal anger, killing a great deal of people before I came to my own end.  Now, in that incarnation I never got to mourn the death of my brother.  I died only a few moments after him, caught in a fit of rage.  I spent a whole week, in this life, mourning the death of my brother. Seeing myself in that incarnation (I was female), sitting next to my brother and just recalling all the wonderful times we had together in that life.  Ultimately saying my goodbye and gaining some sense of solace and peace in my (and her) heart.

After I was able to do this, that aspect of myself calmed down.  She is no longer as angry and furious as what she was before and can now offer me support and guidance in this incarnation.

Part of my struggling in this life is death, the sense of loss and relationships.  So, the aforementioned life is still very applicable to what I feel and experience in this life.  After having done the healing many things became easier.  The energy lines had been cleared and restored ergo I am no longer carrying that pain – of experiences I have not had in this life – making me more free and lighter.

Linear time?

Also be conscious that the Monad can split more than once – time is a funny thing and we perceive it as only one life at a time. Again, that linear line.  This is not true.  There can be many aspects of your Soul running around right now!  I myself have a Russian aspect.  I have an immense affinity for the language and culture.  I get along great with all my Russian friends and have some innate understanding of them and how they work – even though I have never been to Russia.  At times I can connect with his essence.  I know he is 36 and got married last year.  It was a great experience for him and I could really feel his joy and enthusiasm.  Will we ever meet? Who knows, it is not my priority.  There is a reason for the dual incarnation (that I am conscious of, there could be more), so who I am I to question it.

The Soul wishes to learn, to experience and grow.  It is how we feel about these experiences and lessons that shape the circumstances and moments.


I personally feel the energy is misdirected when people seek to go into lives that are not immediately apparent.  In my mind, by-passing the lives the Monad has put forward for immediate healing in this life to help clear the energy lines going forward.  When I sit with someone in session, many times past lifetimes pop-up.  These are surface level lives, naturally they carry some weight in the current incarnation and therefore, when healed, will greatly help you and make you lighter in this life.

I spent a great deal of time in Lemuria yet I know very little of what I did there.  It never really comes up nor do I delve into it.  Yes, Lemuria plays a large role in this life for me but I have not come across anything that needs healing in those times.   Maybe now the time is not right and it will only surface later after I have transcended other lessons or healed other aspects.  Naturally we can always go there but why push open closed, locked doors when there is a plethora standing wide open that are actively affecting your current life?

Regardless of whether you allow yourself to go into past lifetimes or not – I feel that the Soul is incredibly powerful and it will bring up aspects and issues that need healing in its own way.  One can heal in a great many ways, the Soul knows best and will ensure that healing ALWAYS transpires.

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