The Root of Joy

Joy – Happiness – Bliss – Euphoria – Elation – Ecstasy

We all want those words in our lives.  It is what all human beings are searching for.  We get it in different forms, what makes me happy won’t be the same for you as we are all unique – but the words and how they make you feel stays the same.  True and honest love will always deliver these words to you.

The question however, where does your happiness come from?  The thing/person/experience that brings you to that state of joy – what is it rooted in? Is it something that can be removed, a variable, that changes with the winds of time – or – a constant, something that doesn’t shift or change.  It doesn’t change form, expect anything in return and is always there for you to draw on.

Our error is placing value in something that is a variable, in a person or a situation that can change over time.  By drawing off that, you are in joy when it is there – but what happens when it has been removed.  Your well of happiness has been taken away, and thus, you are left in the cold having to fend for yourself.

I myself went through the most difficult period of my life late 2012.  Part of my joy had always come from people, the ones I have around me that I love – but during that time I was unable to find solace in anyone. We are all human, and thus I couldn’t blame anyone for their inability to be there.

As I continued to spiral downwards, I realized that I had invested in the wrong stock, that my stock – my wealth of happiness sprung from something which is changeable, which isn’t a constant and isn’t reliable to have around me at all times.

And thus, without that source I was unable to find my centre again.  I had to force myself to find joy in things I wouldn’t normally because there was no other alternative.  It was that or failure.

Since then, I have been shifting the root of my joy.  Placing it in constants, things that never really change.  In my music, my writing, my passion to help heal the world and spread the message.  This has elevated me to a completely new level, because they are ALWAYS THERE, I can draw on them at any time and they will never leave me, place conditions on me or expect something in return.  It is an inexhaustible source of pure bliss that just flows without restriction.  I just need to tap into it and it is there, ready for the taking.

I invite you now, to look at your life.  To see what makes you happy, the find the root of your joy.  Look at it, acknowledge and  understand it – then decide if this is a constant;

Is there a possibility for it to go away, change shape or color – becoming something which is not as pleasant as you would want it to be?

Is it possible to keep this in your life, knowing that it could go away at any given moment or time and how you would feel if it did?

We can’t hold onto everything forever, and as human beings we must learn to change and grow over time.  But with an absolute fundamental building block such as joy – you need to be certain that your stock, your state of well-being, I would go so far as to say insurance, is invested and placed in the right thing.  Soil that can allow your heart to continue to grow and expand.  Never to wilt away due to lack of nourishment.

It is no sin to want absolute joy, so never deny yourself or think you’re not worthy of it.  We are all entitled to it in whichever way or form.  Neither shall we judge others by what brings them joy.

Each day is the best day of your life, watch as your life grows into the most phenomenal thing that could ever possibly be.  I cultivate as much joy as I can, and I pass it to all that I meet, speak or look at.

I am happiness – as are you!


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