Understanding Energy: Angelic

Angelics – those that carry the vibration of pure love and peace.

Angelic beings seek to carry forward the message of love, unity and purity – to help teach man again of the importance of these qualities.  Realigning us back to our pure Divine blueprint.

People who carry Angelic energy have HUGE hearts.  They feel for all, they are connected to all.  They want to help as many people as possible, heal as many as they can.  They will go out of their way to assist greater humanity.  Absolutely pure, they only have our best intentions in mind.

In my experience however, I have found people who are Angelic carry the most pain.  They have been hurt the most by mankind, their hearts broken – some their wings barely even visible.  They have to heal themselves before they can try and heal the world.

Their origin is from close to the central sun.  The Angelic realm is a world unparalleled to any other and is what most of us image is heaven. There you will find great beautiful hallways lit by gentle light and the soft singing of voices that sooth the inner soul.   Gentle soft caressing energy seeks to envelope you completely and wholly, reassuring you that everything is just fine.  This is their realm and that is the aura of energy that they carry.

light from within you

On an etheric level, they work very closely with the High Council of the Central Sun.  They are the messengers of peace, of love and unity. Where elemental beings are about Earth, the energy of Lady Gaia – to heal the planet; and Galactics are on a mission, a specific task they have to complete in this lifetime. Driven and focused, carrying higher knowledge and learning, Angelics are the peace makers who love all and everyone in-between.

To be in their presence is soothing within itself.  Angelic beings go out of their way to help others, even sometimes to their own detriment.  That is partly why they have such damaged hearts – because of their unceasing desire to spread love and heal humanity, they have been hurt numerous and countless time.  These wounds carry over to following incarnations.  They need to clear these wounds, heal the heart and spread their wings wide so that all may see the brilliance they radiate and the love they shine to us.


We all have wings (wings being an indication of our spiritual growth.  When you have huge widespread wings, you are very much on your path and aware of who and what you are, wings that are undeveloped and droopy means that there is still much growth and learning to be done) but Angel wings are really something to behold.  All Angelic beings have fully grown erect wings, as humanity has taken its toll on them however the wings begin to sink and sag.

I once had a client who was not aware of their Angelic nature, they were carrying great burdens and pain, their wings now weighing them down, physically actually walking hunched over.  The wings a burden, too heavy for them to carry.  Learning this however, standing erect and feeling their wings, they started to learn how to use them – to know that they are a symbol of great peace and love and that the wings are to be used to help them soar high above the troubled waters and shine their light down on humanity.

The best way for Angelic beings to reconnect would be to spend time with other Angelic beings, be it physical or on an etheric level.  We all know the great Archangels, AA Michael, AA Metratorn, AA Jophiel, AA Chamuel to name a few.  They all have specific ways of helping us and any of them will do for an Angelic.  To have that remembrance, that feelings of home, of love and peace again in their heart.

For me the most amazing things about ArchAngels is how responsive they are, you need only think about thinking to call them and they are there, ready to assist and help us.  They are beyond aware of our feelings, our emotions and needs – always ready to help and protect us.

The Angelic Realms

Angelic beings need to remember this, to go within themselves and feel that once again.  They are such beautiful, shining beacons of Divinity and God consciousness.

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