Understanding Energy: Elemental

You are of the Earth, you embody the energy of Gaia. She flows through your being, anchoring you to this planet – to Her body.

Those that carry Elemental energy have:

  • Either lived very close to the Lady in past lifetimes, offering up their lives in service to her or
  • Lived as an actual elemental, be it Dragon, Elf or Fairy.  You spent lifetimes working with other Elementals in the Elemental Kingdoms.

More and more lately I am coming across elemental beings – all of them on a search to try and understand their origin.  Of all the different beings, they have THE most questions.

Passing through the veil, they lost most of their memories and now they find themselves in world which they do not understand.  Something in their subconscious mind is telling them that this is not right – they face huge internal struggles between the world they see and the world they love and know in their heart.

People who carry elemental energy are joyful, innocent and childlike.  They have a deep love for the earth, for plants and all creatures.  They love working with others, in community, always striving to help others and to live in harmony with our home, Earth.

Childlike love

For them, the most important thing is remembering.  To know that they are elemental and that they can heal so much of the damage that man has already done.  They can call on their kind – their fellow Elemental beings, for these people are pure at heart – and ask them to assist in healing and rebuilding the world. To restore it back to the original blue print of Divine Mother/Father God.

It is of absolute importance that they connect with the Earth, with the land.  That is where their energy comes from – by honoring the Lady and the love she gives so freely, even more so to those who are Elementals.  It brings her great sadness to know that her children are wandering in barren landscapes, conditioned and taught how to see, how to feel and understand.


Things are shifting however, more and more are they waking up – realizing the urgency of restoring and healing our Mother.

With every breath we take – it is in tribute and honor to her immense being.  As we walk this world, treading on landscapes that no longer hold her sovereignty, barren wastelands of concrete stone.

We ask:
Where are the soft colors that bring joy to my soul?
Where are the gentle calls of creatures big and small?
Why are my emotions numbed as my thoughts begin to swirl?
This is not our lives, this is not what we used to know!


Listen to that call, dear Elemental humans, listen to it and heed its warning.  It begs of you to remember, to reconnect and embrace your Mother in your heart and soul.  You are her agents, her voice – she offers up her life for you, she gives you all the energy she can muster.  Use it – and teach others.  Those that are Galactic, Angelic or other – they do not have the same connection you do.  Your heart lies with her, know this and embrace it.

Teach, show, tell and feel – to all that cross your path.  Never be afraid to acknowledge who you are, to reconnect with your Elemental family and live in joy again.

Sitting in a forest, in nature – brings the greatest happiness of all.  So why deny yourself your heritage, your truth.

You are the joy and innocence in the world – live it and know you are loved.

5 thoughts on “Understanding Energy: Elemental”

  1. I can also connect to this very deeply…I started to cry while reading this I think it is because it is my souls recognition

  2. I definitely connected with this article deeply, thank you. I care for mother earth deeply and feel a deep attraction to my family heritage Fairies!

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