Portals / Energy Zones

As an Earth worker, part of my mission is to travel the basin of Lemuria and open energy portals – in preparation of my next life here.

These can be anything from shards of ancient Lemurian/Atlantian energy, damage that had been done to the area due to trauma, geyser of energy that needs to be stabilized, or energetic gateways to other dimensions/realities – that once coded properly will open and allow the greater higher frequency to enter onto the earth plane.

I wouldn’t call myself a GPS, but I am drawn to these locations. Whenever I am driving around on my bike, or in the vicinity of one I can sense it.  Now, I’m gathering groups of people to travel with me to these locations – each adding their own energy / craft and helping it to form so that it can be of greater assistance to humankind and the New World.

In the following pages are pictures of places that I have been, alone or with others.

I would love your input, as to what you feel / sense / see / hear in these pictures and how they affect you.

Also, if you wish to be apart of this incredible work — please write to me.  All are welcome in this service to Lady Gaia!

With honor in servitude, 0





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