More and more of us as waking up each day.  Finding ourselves in a world that feels familiar but we do not truly understand.   Each of us are born with a trajectory, a direction of life that your Soul had decided before you were born.  Everything that you experience in your life leads to the growth to who you are as a being, a consciousness.

The parents we have, where we grew up, the things we experience, feel and know in life.  All of this is with a greater plan, a piece of the perfect unison that is existence – the state of being.  Knowing that in the greater scheme of things, there is nothing other than perfection – you can apply that to the life that you are living and enrich it so.  As that is the essence of expansion – JOY

Readings with me can delve into many different aspects in terms of the energetic/spiritual and Soul evolution of who you are, the person reading this:

  • Learn about your chakra’s, what may be held or blocking the natural free flow of energy
  • Past lifetimes: Lessons, karma, unresolved life experiences that could be hindering you now
  • Akashic records: The recordbook of your Soul, your consciousness.
  • Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Spirits, Animals that are guiding you, assisting and offering messages
  • What is the trajectory of this life, the purpose built from previous lifetimes? What is it that you Soul wishes you to experience in this life?
  • Tools, techniques, meditations, guidance on the continual growth of your spiritual path and life

3 Sessions are recommend as not all can be seen in just one reading.  See energy as a lotus flower that is blooming.  One cannot see or perceive the second layer before the first layer is healed and opened.  I’ve had clients where I was totally unaware of deeper past lifetime connections until they cleared certain feelings/emotions/experiences they’ve had in this lifetime.  Of course the situations pertaining to this life was connected to the past lifetime.  Events and experiences run in patterns – from what was instilled upon us as children to what emotions/feelings have been carried over from past lifetimes.  Patterns continuously manifest themselves in our lives until we find a way to clear them.


My natural gift as a clairsentient (the ‘knowing’) allows me to connect with your energy field, your higher self and guides.  I receive information that is applicable to you in this present moment.  Patterns you are repeating, past lifetime wounds that need releasing, events that are playing out in your life, direction that be given, energetic cords/wounds that need healing, information and messages you may need to hear now.

Using elements and techniques from Western astrology, NLP, psychotherapy, Laws of Manifestation and other modalities I help mould this information into ways that you can apply to your current, daily life.

  • Clear past life events on your own, facilitating for own deep healing. So doing, releasing patterns that are being repeated in this current life.
  • Be shown hidden gifts or talents you posses, and be guided towards a life that is more aligned to your fullest potential.
  • Stagnant energy or broken chakras that are healed, also learning how to utilize your own chakras better.
  • Steps and exercises to help shift your beliefs, dissolve patterns and help accelerate you towards a life that feels fuller and filled with more joy

“We can be blinded by love, we can be blinded by depression.  Why not be blinded by joy?”

Past lifetimes can be access, healed and cleared.  By so doing, the energy that was stagnant or blocked in those lifetimes and experience pertaining to that time is released and the patterns broken in this life.  Understand that time is not a linear line and that all lives are happening right now, at this very moment.

Learning how to feel and enhance your own chakras is a big step towards feeling energy and opening up your spiritual abilities.  In so doing, you also release emotional wounds and experiences that help you live a freer, more profound life aligned with your dreams and aspirations.

Clearing of the Akashic Records helps release contracts and agreements that no-longer serve you.   Learning why you face certain challenges in this life, or previous lifetimes and how to progress beyond the limiting feelings that come with some.  Growth is key.  Knowledge is power.

Contact me if you require more information or would like to book a session – via Skype/Email


“I have had sessions with Justin for over a year I am thankful and grateful that I met him. The sessions have been deep from past life openings to what is relevant in the moment. There is joy and laughter, I recommend his sessions to further ones openness to embrace the self-love of expansion and forward movement of the heart.
From my heart to your heart.
Brian-Bruno O’Reilly”

“My reading with Justin was not what I expected.  I turned up with my head full of questions relating to my life and career yet soon realized the universe had other plans.  Instead he revealed something that has been truly life changing and has had a profound effect on my outlook.  I learned of an ability that I could not have imagined, and since then I have been using this channeling gift to explore the sacred scrolls of the elementals, the earth and beyond.  With Justin’s continued support and guidance I am continuing to develop within this role and never fail to be in total awe of the information received.  He is a beautiful being and I recommend his readings unreservedly.  Prepare to be amazed!”

“Shortly after meeting Justin in Bali, I started to establish connection with the elemental realm and this has brought me much joy in my daily life!  I am impressed with his ability to ‘see’ into my various records across many timelines and through his sharing of these visions with me, I was able to understand my life lessons better.  I feel that Justin possesses a very unique gift of steering people into envisioning what their hearts truly want and he has facilitated much of my own dreaming.  Any soul who wishes to receive clarity on its own life path, a session with Justin would open up to many answers!  Namaste, C.  Mer’Sindor”

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