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The Majestic Elves

Elves, the keepers of knowledge, wisdom, peace and grace.

They are the eternal beings that are here to oversee all aspects of the planet – to keep order, gather information, support the Elemental Realms and ensure that peace is kept.

I’m sure everyone knows what elves look like as they have been very accurately portrayed in books and movies.  What has not been told however is how varied they are, the different roles they play and the aspects of creation they oversee!

High Elves – The keepers of great wisdom, gatherers of knowledge and information.  They live in massive, majestic cities hidden away in mountains, forests and oceans.  They are the most noble and proud of all Elves.  In great crises they are called upon to restore order and help maintain peace.

Forest Elves – The guardians of the forest, they protect the land and all the other elementals that live there.  They are foresters at heart, their great cities found in trees, woodlands and mountains.  Living in absolute harmony with their surroundings. You will not find them in cities as they are creatures of the woods.  I have always seen them standing next to trees or even sitting in the branches – looking down and observing.

Night Elves – The ones that are hidden behind the veil of night.  The most powerful time for all kind of Earth Magic is at night, with the enhanced frequencies of the moon – the forests become alive with activity.  Here the Night Elves rule – they, like the Forest Elves, also live in nature.  Their duty is to ensure that rituals, ceremonies and all other types of gatherings run smoothly and unhindered.  They are protectors of all other Elementals.  Their libraries are filled with lost magic – those that can be used to help heal the land, create harmony from discord and remove any and all dark energies.

Radiant Elves – They shine ferociously like the sun, to behold them is almost to go blind.  They are purity itself, their wish upon humanity – to help us heal and grow, to live again in perfect harmony.  Their kingdom is high above the clouds – they travel on beams of sunlight.  You experience their love when you stand in the sun and feel a soothing, gentle caress on your skin.

Now the few ‘sections’ of Elves I have mentioned above can be broken down even further.  Elves live in community – so even when the High Elves are cultivating knowledge and wisdom – a separate community of High Elves might be doing something a little more differently.  Thus they form a subgroup within the High Elves section.

More and more do I see them lately, most recently – the Elves of Sinia.
A friend asked me to invite Elves back into her home, they were there once before but the energies were not conducive enough for them to sustain their frequency there – thus they had to move on.  Sometime later, we were ready to call them back.  This is their message:

We are the elves of Sinia
We are of the Blue.
In the silence of the storm our call screams forth
Hear us and heed the foreboding that our tales foretell
We are of the Blue
In chasms long forgotten, oceans so deep that none my see us
nor remember us.
The time has come for man to understand that this is no longer a game and there is no more time for play and mistrust.
The hour is neigh, they are at our doorstep
and yet still man is unaware.

So thus, they are elves that live in the depths of the ocean – now anchoring a part of themselves on land so that they may bring forth their message – to spread their light and help assist in raising the vibration of humankind.

Elves are always serious, in my humble opinion.  Seldom have I seen any of them smile or make a joke.  They are very clear in their directive and always remain perfectly aligned with that.

Once in meditation however, an Elvish Queen did come to me.  I was struggling with my own romantic relationships at that time and she came to remind me of how much I have been loved in the past.  I was not permitted to see the city we travelled to – but I did experience her love for me.  I was a human warrior at that time and we fell in love many years ago – and the love that she showed me was immense.  More so than any human love.  The reason I’m telling you this is that they are capable of great love, behind the cold exterior is immense beauty, tranquility and joy.

They make the best guides and leaders – for they are unwavering in their mission.  They embody grace, leadership, purity and honor.  As incredibly strict and stern as they are – they will go out of their way to help us, protect and heal us.  Their only wish is for us to attain ultimate unity, forgiveness and ascending into the Divinity that we truly are.

Elves are also the easiest to connect to – they have been with humanity for centuries upon centuries and thus fully understand our nature.  They will come to anyone if asked to.  That being said however, be prepared for them.  They do not play games, they are serious to the core.  But wow, you cannot have anyone better to help support you in your cause.

They will go to the ends of the Earth to support you if your heart I pure.

How to connect:

Unlike most other elementals, Elves can be reached anywhere, anyplace, anytime.  They will travel into the densest city to come and find you as their vibration are incredibly high.

  • A quiet space is the best place to connect with them, even if it is in your room.  Ring a bell, once, and listen the sound and how it vibrates out.
  • Ring it again and as you do it, call with your heart – let your call be carried by the vibration of the bell.
  • Do this 2 more times, each time ensuring that your intention is clear and that you send it on the vibrations of the bell.
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes – ring the bell one more time and this time let yourself be carried on the vibration of the sound.

A sense of calm and tranquility will come over you.  You will feel their presence in front of you – a hand stretched out towards you.

Take that hand, don’t be afraid, and be guided by them to their land to hear the message that they wish to communicate to you.

Elf City


The elves… ahh such wondrous creatures they are, and the most widely known of all I’d say, next to fairies. What you’ve seen in movies, read in books – generally all very accurate.

They have lived closest to man of all elements and are still readily accessible even now. Just as we have our own cities, so do they. They live in community, each serving a different role. It is very seldom that you will find an elf that is segregated from a community as they work together to hold the knowledge and frequency.

There are many ‘tribes’ (for lack of a better word) when it comes to the elven kingdom. Some are here to maintain knowledge, others to heal the planet. Each community has a specific purpose which they endeavor to upkeep at all times. For in all purity, they are unwavering.

The wood/forest elves always live in a forest/green area, with their home actually being made of the trees and plants. Living in absolute harmony to their surroundings. They move with majestic grace through their kingdom and I often see them standing next to trees or in the branches looking down. Mostly known as rangers, they oversee the forests, ensuring that the knowledge and magic is kept safe – that the elementals of the area they oversee are kept away from danger.

The higher elves, or elves of wisdom live in great cities – beautifully carved out of stone and mountains. Always with rivers close by, there is no place more serene such as theirs. They work tirelessly to keep the forgotten knowledge safe, to release knowledge back to man when the time is ready and to work with us – mankind – in reawakening us to the higher realms of understanding.

The elves of the water, those of the ocean – how secret they have kept themselves. They are but mere shimmers in the light, not to be seen nor hear – but felt!
There is a reason much peace may be found in the babbling of a brook, or the drowning thunder of a waterfall.

Elves are the easiest to call, as they understand man the best. They are unmovable in their honor – they will always try to help us as best they can – if we are open to it. But they also know of how man has failed and are weary of that. They carry a certain kind of seriousness about them, not playful like the fairies. Very focused in that they do – at all times to carry the highest possible frequency.

Capable of great love too, I myself have had a memory of once being betrothed to an Elvish queen. However being human, it did pose some difficulties. I was not shown the city nor her, but I felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace.

Know that the elves are always there to help you, to uplift, guide and support you. They can be called on at any time – you need only set you intention very clearly and they will come – their presence can be felt with an increased serious but tranquil feeling. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly had a nigh elf standing next to you, dressed in dark purples and blues. More than likely with a somber look on their face, but with joyful eyes.

Rekindling the forgotten mystic knowledge
With bliss and joy