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New Sister Website – www.justinandries.com

Beloved friends,

I recently launched a new sister website,  which is a central hub for all that I do and what information is received by me.  Elemental Awakening will remain the location for all things related to the Elementals but if you would like to learn more about sessions, workshops and all products (including those from the Elemental realm) please head over to the new site.

Also if you subscribe to my new mailing list using the link below you will receive a FREE guided mediation to connect with Lady Gaia and the other Elementals.


I will be sending out monthly meditations this way, among other new products, articles and so much more.  It’s a great on to get your name on the list.

And if you haven’t liked it already, try the Facebook page for Elemental Awakening.  I post on there daily and you can learn even more from the Elementals and receive daily messages from them.

Much love and gratitude as always,


What if all you had was RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW?

More and more I’m finding that, if we are able to connect to our truer, more fuller self – to that part of us that is pure positive energy, to that part of us that believes in hope, in life, in joy, in the essence of eternal life that we let go of all the ‘things’ that seem to burden us and drag us down.
If you were to float above the Earth and look down at the planet, which of those ‘things’ matter from this vantage point? If you were eternal in that space…

…do you have enough money?
…do you need to eat?
…do you need to go to work?
…do you need a partner?
…do you need to aspire towards something?

From that space, a space of eternal BEingness, a space of acceptance and ‘IS’ness nothing matters other than the emotion you have. When all responsibilities fall away, everything that serves only to burden you, that only serves to make things more difficult dissolves and you start to flow unrestricted in the universal river of compassionate life.
All thoughts, beliefs and emotions are like soap bubbles. It’s infinitely simple to just reach out and pop them, yet we are the ones who put weight and carry them moment after moment. And it’s not that you are a victim, that you are weak or a martyr. Some choices were made before you became incarnate, some where instilled upon you as a young child who did not know any better, some where learned and experienced when you stepped out into the sharp glare of the ‘real’ world.

We forget so quickly and simply. We forget who we are, we forget what we are capable of, we forget our names – our true names as BEings that do not adhere to the rules of space and time. Hovering in the silence of space, wrapped in the black arms of eternity – there is nothing more than that.
How far does the vastness goes?
We are taught that everything has a limit to it – so what is the highest level of spirituality?
What is the highest level of consciousness and awareness?
Climbing the ladders of perception and understanding – once again we are engrained in systems and regulations, in constructs that seek to impose upon us the reasoning of logical thinking.

What is logical about believing in something that possibly doesn’t exist?
What is logical in the futile attempt to grasp the immenseness of life held in the cradle of all existence, of all creation, of all tangible and incorporeal transcendence to human life – as we know it today?
How will you, as the conscious being reading this, ever be able to ascertain such levels of existence – such levels of bliss and euphoric surrender that you relinquish all claims on human life and merely begin to BE.

The state of BEing however, is the state of acceptance.
Acceptance of all situations, events, emotions, feelings and thoughts with non-attachment to anything.
Acceptance of joy, of simple pleasures that permeates throughout your entire experience on all levels: Spiritual/Physical/Emotional/Mental/Etheric
Acceptance of everlasting expansion, of eternal life, of the unity and undiluted truth to the sovereignity to what ‘THIS’ is.

Here, right now in this very exact moment all of creation is held.
From the very beginning of conceivable time to the very end of the comprehensionable. Every experience of every single moment in all of reality is happening as this very exact moment that you are reading these letters and words being displayed upon your screen. All of life, existence, consciousness is irrefutably apart of you. It has always been. Grappling at the cohesiveness of all of this, what lies beyond? What is past the state of absolute dissolvement into the nothingness yet allness of eternal sentient BEingness?

Dancing is and forever will be my greatest pleasure in life. I loose myself in the music, I find the silent moments between the beats of the rhythm and make my home there. From that space, I flow, I BEcome. Everything that I ever thought, came to BElieve and felt is shattered and all that remains is me – in my purest form. In a shape and mould that adheres to nothing, that merely exists for the sake of BEing. The joy, the bliss, the ecstasy that reverberates thought my entire BEing is all that matters.

Right here, right now is all you will ever have. Realize however that right here, right now is the entire space of creation. It is all that will ever exist. There will never be anything greater than that, for it is absolute.
Life can change in an instant. For like soapbubbles, it can merely be popped and be gone forever.

Every moment, every breath, every heartbeat, ever laugh, every tear, every sigh, everything that will ever BE is a opportunity for you to become infinite. For you to expand and rejoice to the existence of existing. Clamour to all that is, for in reality you are all that is. We are eternal, we are forever, we are so much more than just here and now.
Yet, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW is much more than what you have ever come to perceive. Now is all, and here is relative.
BE nothing less than BE.

Limitless belief – Anything is possible, really!

How often do we say “We cannot do that BECAUSE it is too expensive” or “We cannot go there BECAUSE there is not enough time” or ” We cannot live there BECAUSE the people are not friendly”?  These are all obstacles, restrictions and conditions that we create ourselves altering our perceived world.   We construct our own cages and fashion our own sentences drastically decreasing what is available to us.

Many of us believe that we live in a world of infinite possibilities – where we are solely limited by the scope of our minds and our imaginations.  What we can feel is endless – a vast ocean that has no bottom, no restrictions or conditions.  Everything that we may have ever wanted is well within our reach, yet we have encaged ourselves in beliefs that do not serve us.  Do not and cannot have become the order of the day as we have taken on what others: society: the world is telling us.  I may be a trailblazer yet it takes someone like me to venture forth to where others have not, in so doing opening up a new path for others to follow in…

“Oh, I did not know one was able to go there and do that… “
“Well, you never allowed yourself to dream, to believe strongly enough in that dream so that your sheer conviction of self and integrity of desire carried you forward”

It is merely our perspective of the world (the world which is neutral and indifferent) that adjusts how we see and experience life.  That perspective is founded and nourished by our beliefs!

You control the belief, you control the people.

The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation.

I always use the example that two people could be standing naked on an unknown beach somewhere watching the most beautiful sunset.  One absolutely overcome by the breathtaking beauty and the other depressive and crying.  Physically they are the same.  They have nothing, they do not know where they are yet it is the internal composition, the perspective through which they look at the world, at life that alters how they feel.  The internal world plays a much greater role than the physical manifestation for the latter is compromised of the former.

Simply shift your perspective on a situation and see how it may evolve and transform.  If we know that anything is possible why then do we allow ourselves to be conditioned and bound by parameters that do nothing to serve us?  If you could be anything, or anyone, be anywhere feeling absolutely joyous– why not?

“Only people with lots of money and time can travel…”
“I cannot work there; my skills are not good enough”

We are entitled to happiness – it is our God given right to enjoy and be abundant in the current scenario, the play and ever dream that we find ourselves in!

Do you think any of this is real?
Do the stars still shine during the day?

Have you ever been outside in nature, far away from light pollution and looked up at the clear night sky?  You saw and felt might of the Milky Way pushing down on you.  An infinite expanse stretching up and beyond.  That same energy is beating down upon you right now, be it night or day, inside or out.

veil of illusion

This is the ultimate example of the veil of illusion – the stars are always there, their energy constantly, permanently, unconditionally and unwaveringly being channeled towards US.  It merely takes an expanded state of awareness, a heightened sense of consciousness to come to that realization.  If that can be incorporated into your perception – why not that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible aswell?

Wherever I go, I will see and feel only that which my perspective filters and allows in, that which my mind has conditioned me to acknowledge.  The scope of what may be available immense – it is I who limit what is to my disposal.

I can because infinite is possible
I will because I am willing to believe
I am because I feel all that is beautiful
I am, simply because I am


The Spark of your Soul – the ember of Creation is well and alive in you.  You feel it burning inside of you – lending you vitality and nourishing your soul.  Harness the courage and conviction it has to offer you, donned with the belief and integral understanding of infinite possibilities – you venture forth into the ever expansive, intrinsically simplicity of all that is and could ever be.

My perspective is expansion and unconditional, bound and fused in love and beauty.  I am humbled by what I feel, and I allow my soul the full expression of the Divinity that I am.  Anything is possible – so why deny myself the feelings that seek me out in the deepest recesses of my core being.  I love this life, in many lives, allowing the beauty of my soul to flow freely in the expression of who I am – a true Divine being and Spark of Creation.

Divine being

Believe that everything is possible, really believe in it.  When you find yourself being challenged take a moment and reassess your perspective – the way you are thinking and feeling about said situation.

Does it make you feel happy?
What are the limitations that are immediately apparent to you?

You are the Universe expressing itself as a human being – with that knowledge do you really believe you cannot alter the situation? Again, the work comes from within, how you perceive it and feel about it drastically alters the benign and neutral dream world we humans wander in.  Everything and anything can be changed, we need merely change our feeling and allow our soul to do the rest.

If we can do that, we realign with Divine flow and things start to move, freakishly things are lining up and pathways and doorways are created allowing us to reach that which we believe in so strongly.

Control the belief and you control the people – society has caught onto this ergo we have such powerful religions.

Go where you wish and be who you feel you are meant to be.  The Source within you is guiding you, follow its call and be humbled by the dazzling array of who you truly are.

infinite in us all