Doorways into the Elemental Realm

Strolling through a forest – there is an awful lot to see, feel and enjoy. Especially when you can feel the Elementals.  Besides just sensing the energy, there are many more tell-tale signs to their whereabouts.

Fairy circles are easy to spot, just look for any circular patterns on the ground.  This may be flowers, rocks or even leaves.  Some fairy circles are not used that often so they seem to fade more into the background of the forest.  That being said – the energies are still very powerful for it is all stored within the ring.  Breaking the ring will release the energy, unbroken the energy is contained.  All the laughter, singing, dancing and fun can be access by anyone who connects with the ring.

From afar, fairy rings are easy to spot because they appear as great pillars of light.  Often I look out at a landscape from afar – noting the pillars of light containing love, laughter and joy (that which the fairies represent).  When standing next to the circle – you can connect with this light, allowing that energy to flow through you.  Some say you should never enter a circle, other say it is fine.  I have never had a ‘negative’ experience yet I always step in with an innocent heart. With laughter in your soul can we easily connect to the fairies.

Energetic barriers or doorways are always very common.  Normally they signify the entering of a domain.  I remember once during a trek in Nepal walking through a set of trees.  Directly behind the trees the landscape completely changed, the energy of course along with it.

Powerful energies in Nepal.  The the energy around the tree and the ground infront of it.  Unfortunately I did not take a picture of where I was standing, the apex.  Loads of Elementals in this picture!
Powerful energies in Nepal. Note the energy around the tree and the ground infront of it. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of where I was standing, the apex. Loads of Elementals in this picture!

Moving from one realm to another.

Generally doorways are easy to spot (that is if you’re paying attention) – being either a pair of trees, rocks, bushes ect on either side of the path/road.  If you notice and are sensitive enough to the energies you will feel and see the shift of energy almost immediately.

Another time I entered into a fairy kingdom, the doorway a stone and old tree trunk on either side of the path.  Passing through it I immediately felt the shift in energy – also identifying the energy as fairy.  Knowing this was a Fairy Kingdom I started looking for the heart/centre of it where the fairies congregate and the Fairy Queen Lives.  (There are countless kingdoms and Fairy Queens – for me I designate a Kingdom/realm within a certain specific area).  Eventually I came across their home – a huge old tree trunk.  The energy cannot be described as that much joy has no form of articulation – it is what you feel in your heart.

Fairy Heart Tree, their home
Fairy Heart Tree, their home

Barriers serve more as a distinction between areas, the separation of energies if you will.  Stepping from one world into another.  More often than not you find them at sacred sites.

Laylines or the energetic grids of the Earth: These carry energy, much like arteries or veins, all over the world.  Guaranteed there is one close to you right now.  Where the nodes cross a lot of energy is stored up, generally close to a source of water to help purify and cleanse the energies.  If one is able to sense these energetic lines, you may (if with pure intent) tap into them.  One may be able to heal the land, replenish ones own energy or obtain a deeper connection with Mother Lady Gaia when connected to these grids.

You may also come across ‘rivers of energy’.  Literally a river of energy that flows through an area.  Look for the colors, feel the vibration and connect with the flow of it.  Each have a different meaning and purpose.  Each healing, cleansing and supporting the land in its own way.

Can you see the river of energy in this picture?
Can you see the river of energy in this picture?

These are just a few examples of what I have come across in my adventures.  Go out and explore – feel the Earth, that of Lady Gaia and connect.  There are gateways to Middle Earth, trapped Elementals, hidden sanctuaries, great beacons/pillars and energy rifts to name a few.

Open your heart and release your mind – the Elementals are much closer to us than what you may think.

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