Lady Gaia

“It is Lady Gaia beloveds, and there is great joy in your willingness to carry out this work and bring forth the truth. I pour love into you as you walk upon the earth, and all elementals assist you.

 My essence is in all things and you will find me everywhere. We are a great team in this task.

 The codes of evolution are emerging, guarded by the Elves for aeons, and are now bringing forth great purity and re-establishing our truth.

 Humanity must regain the trust of the elementals and re-build the sacred relationship that once existed. The love will be as strong as ever it was if you will only surrender to it.

 Look to the trees, the leaves, the grass. Look to those places where you will find me in cities for I am always there. Keys will continue to emerge that will unlock the mysteries of long ago. Engage in expectation and awareness. Follow the signs of nature.”

Heart of the forest

She is the essence of this planet – She is the fibre of creation on which we find ourselves now.  Her spirit lives in this planet, it is this planet, and in part – it us as well.

There was a beginning

Lady Gaia is one of the counsel members of the Central Sun.  She agreed, upon the decision to create Earth, to bind and fuse Her energy with that of the planet.  She will be the living, breathing essence of this realm.  Her love will penetrate every corner of it.

At that time, my people were contacted – my people possess the blueprint of the universe, we become planets/solar systems and galaxies.

She fused with one of my fellow beings and together they begin to take form and shape – slowly transforming into the perfect place for us to experience life and be allowed to have free will.


Her pure essence is stored within Inner Earth, the crystal core of this planet.  From there it flows up towards Middle Earth where Her energy is used for the creation of new Elemental beings, Her workers and assistants.  The elementals channel Her energy, which in turn they take higher to the nature realms – assisting in the growth of all nature, maintaining harmony and purity.

Her energy is prevalent

Right now, as you read this, you are in the embrace of Her Ladyship.  She holds you firm in a gentle grip of love, supporting, nourishing and protecting you.  For a moment, just become aware of that – bring your attention to your feet and become aware of the subtle pulsing sensation you can feel.  Take that further by drawing the energy up towards you, from your root chakra you pull it upwards to your heart.

Elemental Magic

If you can be in nature, barefooted, it would be even better. Experience the warm embrace of Mother Earth, feel Her tenderness, Her soothing nature and purity.

We can use this energy to heal ourselves, to align our bodies and create better harmony in our lives.  We walk in bodies of Her creation, yes our soul is that of Higher Consciousness but the vessels we are in are made of Her, thus part of Her.  By honouring Her energy and making it actively a part of ours – we live in much greater harmony with our surrounding world.

The Mother of our Mothers

She is our mother, She carries us in Her bosom even now.  She protects us and gives us live.  As She breathes, so do we.

Lady Gaia can be called upon by every single one of us – She is us and we are Her.  There is no separation between us.

I always see Her with long, red-brown curly hair that falls across Her face.  She is always dressed in a long, flowing silk dress – the colors never the same.  Butterflies flutter about Her, just absolutely entranced to be in her energy.  She glides across the earth, effortlessly.  Her energy one of absolute radiant love.

Lady Gaia

Call on Her at any time, in any place.  She is everywhere, for She is Earth.  She cares deeply for each and every single one of us – Her love unconditional.  Even when we do much damage to Her, She still continues to love and nourish us.

The Elementals gather

Elemental beings are created from Her essence, they are help heal this planet, to honour Her and live to do her will.  They are here to support and uplift this planet and Her – in result, the rest of humanity as well.

Elemental Harmony

Elementals work tirelessly, each with their own duty within the Elemental realm.  It is a finely woven network of pure light tapestry – each elemental adding their special gift to the mix.

The Treants are the great grandfathers of the forest, teaching trees how to speak and sing.

Dragons – the keepers of ancient earth knowledge, guardians and protects.  They are incredibly wise, having witness great births and deaths.  The knowledge they hold is sacred knowledge – passed down to them by the higher galactic beings and Lady Gaia.

Water spirits are there to regulate the flow of currents, or rivers and streams.

Whisps are the healers of the forests, healing trees and plants.

Dryads, the tree witches that work with the Treants in protecting forests.

Mermaids – the people of the ocean, maintaining the flow of currents, working closely with the creatures of the ocean.

Elves are the keepers of wisdom, the overseers of most realms.

Salamanders the fire spirits, that strive to maintain fires so that they do not burn out of control for devastating effects.

Pixies are the little people – the ones who work closely with Faeries.  Working behind the scenes and helping all the other elementals are best they can.

This is but to name a few – there are countless Elementals found all over Earth.

Strange Elemental
Some I have never seen, for they only live in certain areas.

They work together, in absolute harmony – for Her Ladyship.

The ruffling of feathers

Right now we are experiencing many natural disasters, the seismic activity which has been increasing at a drastic rate is evident to this.  This is Lady Gaia restabilising Her electro-magnetic grid.  Clearing of lay lines and latent energy that needs to be moved.  This is mere the ruffling of Her feathers as She has yet to show Her true power.  I am not predicting doom, just that when the time comes and She does fully awaken – ascending into the higher dimensions that there will be much surface activity with the sinking and resurfacing of landmass.

Lately there is much talk about the discovery of lost continents, hidden beneath the calm oceans, lost – until now. Much of Lemuria and Atlantis is hidden here as well.  It is with the major shifts that are ahead of us that these landmasses will resurface, bringing with them the altered frequency that was maintain during those times.

Great crystals are still buried in these cities, immensely powerful and transformative.
Great crystals are still buried in these cities, immensely powerful and transformative.

By resurfacing, their energy will cascade out into the world, altering and eradicating all energy that is not for absolute, pure ascension.

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