Middle Earth: The Hidden Realm

The Middle Earth – the realm between where we live and that of Inner Earth, the inner sanctum of Lady Gaia.

In the depths of the Earth, buried underneath the reality of man, there where only truth lies unhindered and unchanged by any perception, expectation or deception of time.  Rumbles in the heart of the world, in the land between lands – there where the Elementals reign supreme.

Middle Earth is the land of limbo, where there is no right or wrong.  We as humans with our human mind would perceive it as foreign, hidden and unjustified where you dare not be found.  Middle Earth is removed from our reality as it is the central land of all Elementals.

There you will find the master creation chambers for Faeries, the Dragon’s nests, Dark Magicians that oversee all magic, armies of trolls and goblins.  The realm is endless, it runs so deep that it is impossible to fully explore.  There are corridors and passageways beyond measure, all leading to different areas, all containing different energies and different beings.

The realm of Middle Earth contains absolute duality.  There is no right or wrong.  A fairy queen may be trapped in a cage for 10 000 years.  Dark Elven Magicians live down there, ones that oversee all the Black Magic found on Earth.  Mischievous goblins that kidnap humans and drag them down there to use them as toys.  When in Middle Earth, everything just ‘is’ and we must accept it for that.

My own experience of Middle Earth:

I remember once being summoned down there, as there was a meeting that I had to attend.  I went into deep meditation, feeling my spirit decent through the realm we currently live in, deeper and deeper until I reached the gateway to Middle Earth.

I stood in a chamber somewhere deep underneath the crust of Earth, in front of a large opening in a brown stone wall. The guardian, SinGris’To standing watch.  He is a huge giant made out of deep brown stone.  To enter I had to don on a certain cloak, obviously from previous incarnations.  At first he did not recognize me but upon seeing the cloak he did and I gained access.

* I cannot stress how important it is that you can humble in his presence.  He is the one that guards the gateway into a realm where humans do not belong.  So if you are privileged enough to be guided down there, honour and respect all the beings there – even more so the ones who guards the way.

Walking through the actual doorway, is to enter and become part of Middle Earth itself. You have to ensure that your guise is not compromised, that you are not recognized or seen.  The realm of Middle Earth is bustling with activity, so much so that you cannot even begin to grasp the magnitude of what is going on. *

Once you have passed through the initial doorway and corridor, the land seems to open up – with labyrinthine mazes and pathways.  Many chambers lead off to the side – each chamber holding a certain kind of energy.  In some you may find the birthing chambers of Fairies.  In others you may come across Dragon eggs, pools of magic, fountains of youth and more.  The scope and magnitude of this realm is immense.  There are chambers upon chambers and roads that continue deeper and deeper into Middle Earth.  The corridors bustling with activity, many elementals arguing and laughing or rushing off to meetings.

Often you will see gnome scientist grab a fairy to experiment on, or forest elves rushing up to the tunnels leading back to Earth. Baby dragons that are being taught the basics by their mothers, sprites being birthed and destroyed, new black magic being developed.  What can be seen down there is beyond the imagination – the beauty however: you are not imagining anything!

Middle Earth is where it all beings

Middle Earth is where it all beings

From Inner Earth, pure Gaia energy is sent up to Middle Earth.  There that energy is moulded and shaped to create Elementals, used for magic and to power ceremonies. The energy is never used in a bad way, as I have mentioned before, there is no ‘bad’ in Middle Earth, nor is there any ‘good’.

Fairy Birthing Chambers

From the dark, earthy corridor you turn into one of these chambers.  The energy lifts, becoming lighter and more playful.  Light seems to be shining from all directions, the lushness welcomes you, the kaleidoscopic colours embrace you. Your heart lifts and you are unable not to smile.

Welcome to the fairy realm of creation.

Welcome to the fairy realm of creation.

In front of you, behold the sprawling, cascading hills painted with colours and fragrances that want to overpower your senses.  Your heart starts to flutter, joy and innocence washes over you.  The fairies have come to welcome you, playfully tugging your hair and whispering greeting in your ear.

They ask you to follow them, deeper into their realm.  Ahead, you see clusters of crystals – in brilliant radiant colours.  Much activity around them, as they are the birthing chambers.

Fairies would gather around them – dancing and singing – their pure innocence and joy being taken into the crystal chamber.  With their laughter the crystal starts to vibrate at an incredibly high frequency, a soft humming being heard all around.  Inside you can see the sparks of pure Gaia energy being infused with the euphoria of the fairies, their love and innocence helping to mould another of their kind.  It does not take long before you hear an outcry of laughter and cheers as a new fairy flies out, being welcomed and embraced by his/her kin.

There is such unity, love and support in their community – definitely something we should learn.  There are no judgements, they all add to the community – giving their all for the greater good.

The Dark Elven Wizard – Man’Si’Feyrnix

Dark Elf
The overseer of all Black Magic on Earth

His duty is to control the flow of energy to all those that practice it.

Man’Si’Feyrnix has short white hair, dressed in a long, black and red flowing gown. You would think he is in his early 30’s but he is one of the first that came to Middle Earth, even before the time of the first Atlantis – he was there.

He stands in meditation on a huge pedestal in a central chamber – looking up at the roof you can see many portals to different parts of the world.  Conscious at all times, aware of the flow of energy to these areas, he monitors and controls how much energy is being used and may be used – to ensure that the balance is never broken.

With a friend, we once descended down to ask him to decrease the amount of energy being sent to Bali.  We had a particularly difficult day due to a Bali priest sending some entities to us.  Having to approach him with absolute humility, honesty and honour was essential.  He never acknowledge our presence, simply remaining in his concentrated state.  We explain our case, our reason for asking him to decrease the amount of energy being sent, said goodbye and left.  Afterwards, I could feel how a tube of energy was removed from Bali – thus weakening the effects of magic found on the island.

The centralized Elven chamber of Accumulated wisdom and application

As mentioned here, the Elves as the keepers of knowledge and wisdom.  They have been on Earth since the dawn of time, observing and recording history.

Their immense cities are scattered all over this planet – their libraries endless, containing knowledge beyond the ages.  To correlate all of this, they have a chamber in Middle Earth that all connect to – an accumulated pool of information that can be drawn on at any time.  If a city is in danger of being destroyed – the information will not be lost.

The actual chamber is circular in shape, empty except for a single pedestal in the middle.  On the pedestal you will find 3 circles.

To activate, you place your hand in a circle and push on the edges, altering the shape of the circle, distorting it in the process.  You do this with all 3, by so doing you direct your query.

The entire chamber then becomes alive, the walls holographically displaying the knowledge.  This is interactive too, as the knowledge is not stagnant.  It moves and changes as further additions are made.

Elf Chamber
This is very similar to libraries found on Sirius.

Anyone may access this chamber, but to actually use the control panel takes great skill.  You must know exactly the right shape, down to the degree, of each circle to access the correct information.

The spring of Life

Turn another corner and another room – we enter the spring of Life – the fountain of knowledge of all consciousness for Earth.  This is an interstellar gateway that is connected to InnerEarth – The Heart of Gaia, the central chamber found in InnerEarth – and to the Paleidian Hyperportals.  The Paleidian Hyperportals is a system of interstellar, interdimensional gateways that connect to the chakra’s of the Universe.  The spring of Life thus allows all Universal Divine knowledge to be funnelled into the Heart of Gaia – which in turn is embedded in her energy and redistributed back to all of Earth.

To describe the spring, imagine a medium size pool of pure light – inside is a sapling about 5 meters high.  It is this sapling’s roots that bury down deep into InnerEarth, to Gaia’s heart. As the consciousness of man is being raised on Earth, so does the sapling grow – to eventually become a massive tree of Life – the new Tree of Life.

This Tree of Life will be imbedded in Gaia – nourished by the energy from the Universal chakras.
This Tree of Life will be imbedded in Gaia – nourished by the energy from the Universal chakras.

As man attains pure Mastership and Divinity – the Tree will flower and bare fruits of absolute Mother/Father/Consciousness – critical ascension of the human race

The chamber of Hearth fire

As you enter, all you can see are crystals.  The walls, the floor, the ceiling – and a humming, a soft sweet melody that reverberates through your body.

The crystals resemble clear quartz, but they are continuously changing colour, from subtle navy to amber to emerald.  Each crystal being is conscious and aware of the energy that it is vibrating out.

Found in the middle of the chamber is a pillar of light – that of Divine Father God Consciousness.  Inside of that, a Divine Feminine Goddess who carries energy from the Central Sun.  Her body a silhouette of pure radiance with the backdrop of brilliant, absolute Father God Consciousness.  She is in a trance, her body rhythmically swaying in the currents of energy flowing from InnerEarth up to the Central Sun. She is ultimate feminine purity, to look at her brings forth tears.

She calibrates and tunes the crystals found in the chamber.  In times of great upheave and distress, the chamber will erupt with immense frequencies and energies.  The flow of energy will switch and a downpour of energy will occur from the Central Sun to Inner Earth – this she absorbs periodically and then pulses it out to the crystals in the chamber. Who in turn reverberate and vibrate energy out from this chamber to the rest of the planet, recalibrating the hearts and subconscious of all beings.

She is the voice that speaks to us when we are deafened by our mind.

It is her sweetness that reminds us of home, of love and peace.  Her fire runs rampant over the land, soothing wherever it goes.

Her love is paramount, her beauty unequivocal in existence.   She reaches out to us, in every form and factor she touches us and caresses our souls.  She gifts her love to us, she restores calmness on the most basic level so that we may return back from the edge of darkness we found ourselves in.

Her name - Greena
Her name – Gree’na

Middle Earth continues still – and I will continue to update this page as more is being uncovered.  The actual depth of Middle Earth is endless, so I will try my best to document as much as of it here as I can.

middle earth

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  1. Lol to awesome it just hit me the other day I I love the place I imagined this all first to realize dragons live in core of earth the rest followed

  2. The happiest feeling before i seen this i told someone my dogs were being bad but all i could do was laugh an see this beutiful place nothing could upset me only joy

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