Pixies, children of the forest

Pixies, the little folk.

Do not confuse pixies with fairies.  It is rather hard to explain what they look like. They are like dwarf children in height, some have pointed ears and some do not.  They generally wear ranger clothing, tight fitting clothing with many pockets (they carry lots of tools and herbs in them) and they have most adorable little boots.

I have one that lives with me, he has been with me for many lifetimes, so it is nothing new for me.  I believe his primary focus is to keep me entertained and to always remind me of my inner child.  Whenever I look for him, he is doing the strangest and generally funniest thing.  From being dressed up as a Native American dancing around a tipi to gliding around a room on skates.  It is impossible not to have my spirits lifted when I see him.


In the elemental kingdom, they work behind the scenes.   Big team players they are always in-between other elementals, helping them wherever they can.  Like the dwarfs, they are very hard workers, sturdy and strong.  They team up for more difficult tasks and always achieve what they set out to do, together!

Deep in the heart of forests, there you will find their kingdom.  Living together in large micro-communities, they all have different duties and tasks.  Some work with magic, others with steel, some with animals and some with plants and nature.  They may not be huge but the impact they have on the elemental kingdom is.

Being such small creatures, their cities are small as well – normally found in between the exposed roots of trees.  Finding the cities however is more difficult, they are perfectly camouflaged with flowers, leaves, rocks and such.

A city in all its splendor
A pixie city in all its splendor

They have no language, at least I have never heard them speak.  It is more soft grunts and gestures that gets the message across.  Now imagine a little creature about 20cm in height making soft sounds and pointing, very excitingly I might add, at something trying to get your attention.  That is their charm, where your heart just melts into a puddle.

Absolutely incapable of every doing harm, they are just pure beings of light.  They have the innocence that little children carry, always happy and carefree – just doing their part as best they can.

Pixie Teamwork

Due to them always being in community you hardly see them travelling alone, they will be in small groups of a minimum of 2.  They mission out into the forests each day, catching a lift on a bypassing Treant, animal or other elemental if they can.  They never ask, they just grab on if they can – their cheeky nature coming out. But they are never a burden to any who carry them and those that carry them do so gladly.

Pixies are children of the forest – they embody the inner child.  You may be lucky enough to see them, even more if they come running over to you to see who and what you are.  Smile and wave at them and if they like you they will come even closer.



5 thoughts on “Pixies, children of the forest”

  1. Oh, boy, love this. I would love to translate this to Finnish to my blog for others behind the language barrier to enjoy it, if you do not mind. ; o}

  2. Hi I really love this Website, It is very fascinating and I love learning about more and more! I truly do believe in “Middle Earth”! I was just wondering, I have heard about “Incarnated Elementals”and how they are sent to help protect nature here on earth, and possibly do u know more about them, for example are they invisible or are they humans? I’m just very fascinated by all of these nature spirits and want to learn more!😊

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