The Merpeople

The merpeople, mermen and mermaids, are born from the tears of Poseidon – god of the oceans.

In ancient times the god of the ocean was very much a part of our daily life.  We showed respect to him as he controlled the seas – which for many of us was our source of food.

Being the god of the ocean, of water – Poseidon has great emotions and is often moved by the acts of man. Very often he was brought to tears either by the respect we showed him and the ocean, or by the anger he had to show in order to teach us valuable lessons.


When a tear did escape him, you would see it transform into a physical being – a merbeing – and drop through him into the ocean.  This is how they are born, from his emotions they are created.

Merpeople are born as full adults. They carry the knowledge of the ocean within them.  Just as they are a drop in the ocean they are the ocean in a drop.  Thus they need not be taught anything as they already carry the knowledge of everyone that went before them.

They are the people of the ocean, they work with the sea currents, the crystals and all of the creatures found in the ocean.

The old sailor stories tell of mermaids and how they lured them to crash onto rocks.  The truth however is that the mermaids were trying to steer the ships away from sacred sights, crystals and energy portals.  The mermen were underneath the ships, trying to steer is away.  This was all done in order to keep the locations sacred, away from the energy of man who, during those time, would taint the energy.


Their voice is their tool, with it they can recalibrate and activate all the crystals found at the bottom of the ocean.  Some humans today can sing with overtones – isolating different sounds for different chakras.  The merpeople can sing with several different overtones all at the same time.  The sound is overbearing for anyone who hears it for the first time due to its incredible power, transformational ability and purity.

As we know, the Atlanteans and Lemurians used crystals on a daily basis.  The majority of these crystals are now found at the very bottom of the ocean.  The merpeople are using their voice to power and recalibrate these crystals – even as you are reading this now.


They are also moving them around the world, using ocean currents to help transport them to key locations.  With the reactivation of these crystals, the vibrations are pulsating out into the world re-patterning, activating and enhancing all electo-magnetic fields and grids.

This is part of the reason why merpeople have genders.  The males carry lower, more powerful frequencies as opposed to the females who carry greater overtones that can isolate and penetrate the deepest parts of all energy fields.

Unlike the stories we might have heard, merpeople do not have sexual organs.  Instead when they join it is an act of beauty.  They choose one partner for life, and with their busy lives they are not always together.  When they do join however – it is an incredible sight to behold.


They will wrap their tails together tightly, pushing their bodies against each other.  Now each of their chakras are touching – from the root up to the 3rd eye – they connect on the deepest soul level possible.  The Kundalini rises up between them – weaving their chakra’s together and culminating in their heart.  In this moment, their hearts start to beat together – like Tantra – they are one, breathing as one, living as one.  The love that they have starts to vibrate out of their hearts into the ocean, many sea creatures often gather to behold this beauty and feel the love of the union between two merpeople.

Unfortunately, because our belief and respect for Poseidon has dwindled, the god of the ocean is not part of our daily life anymore.  As I have mentioned in other articles, the less we believe in this realm, the less it is apparent and ‘real’.  So merpeople are not being born anymore due to this.  When we show respect again to Poseidon, we acknowledge him once more is when he will return to us.


For that reason, there is only a limited amount of merpeople left in the oceans.  They do not die – they are ageless. Unlike the elves who age very slowly over decades – the merpeople are ageless.  They are born whole and complete, they carry the vibration of everyone and, like the ocean they live in, are connected to everything.

They are a true testament to the unity and connectivity we as humans are striving towards.

As we are moving faster and faster into the new age – the merpeople are activating more crystals.  There are many great light cities hidden underneath the ocean, with the merpeople working tirelessly and strategically in moving and reactivating crystals, light portals and energy grids.

This is why we are experiencing such huge fluxuation in our own energy, emotions and feelings lately.  I use astrology on a daily basis and lately there are some days where my energy is just all over the place and I cannot find an astrological reason as to why.

Our energies are being changed on drastic levels and the Galactic Federation is using every possible way to do so.  We are in great transformational times currently.

mermaid eartyh

Right now merpeople can help us on a personal level with the recalibration and restoration of our energy fields.  When you are at the ocean, call on them.

  • Relax your mind and focus on your heart beat.
  • As you start to feel each beat, put an intention to connect with them on each beat.
  • Once you can do this, let your heart beat travel out of your chest towards the ocean, carrying your intention with it.
  • The ocean waves at this time might change, or the wind will – either way you will feel their presence when they follow your call.
  • At this stage – open yourself up, allow your energy to be full exposed giving full permission for them to sing to you
  • Embrace where you are, the sound of the waves, of the wind, feel the sand between your toes – be in that moment and know that you are being healed by these immensely beautiful creatures.

6 thoughts on “The Merpeople”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful article. I happened to find it while I was looking for images of mer people, but I love what you have written about them. Rose

  2. This Is Interesting, I Thought That They were just made up or If They really did exist died off many centuries ago, Now I know That just like with The Fairies when we don’t believe That They are real and just made up we won’t be able To see em, But when we do believe They are real Then we do start To see, Hear, And Feel em, It’s really been our Time To reconnect with all of our Universal family and I’m making sure That That happens

  3. Beautifull article on mer people. I found it related to my name ;-)) Pathfinder of the Mer People. Amazing how it is a red line in my life (writing story, painted a collection mer people and this year…. will be the year of…singing! Thanks for reminding me. I will book a trip to honour Poseidon ;-)) Jeanette

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