Whisps, the Healers

Whisps the silent healers of the land.

Whisps are pure Gaia energy, born from her love – etheric healers of all the nature kingdom.  Roughly the same size as a soccer ball, with incredibly complex geometries inside – they travel through forests. Healing trees, plants and flowers, using the pure energy of Gaia they carry inside of them to restore the land back to purity.

Whisps in the forest
You would normally only see Whisps whizzing about a forest, moving around instinctively to where they are needed.

Generally they travel alone, very focused on their job, moving from plant to plant, nurturing, caring and loving each.  They come in different colors, although I generally only see them in colors blue and green.  When they are busy healing however, their color does change.

When they heal a plant, the geometries inside of them come alive.  They take on different shapes and patterns, channeling the Gaia energy inside of them so they can perfectly heal where needed.  Pulsing from within, their glow takes on a different color.  A soft and gentle sound can also be heard – like a wind chime just lightly being caressed by the wind.  Ever so slightly they touch the plant/tree they are healing, just beaming pure love and Gaia energy out towards it.  The geometries continue to swirl and change – almost like stars in the sky they glow vibrantly.

When the healing is done the Whisp slowly rises up, gathering itself and then off again.  Very industrious little workers indeed!


There is not that much interaction between Whisps and the other elementals.  Whisps hardly interact with each other.  They are just so happy doing their job.  That being said they have a very playful nature when they decide to show it – more than a fairy even. They will fly around you, poking you from different sides.  Spin around your head trying to make you dizzy – all of this accompanied by a faint chime sound that distinctly sounds like naughty laughter.

After having enough of you they will just fly off, on their way to heal another plant or tree. They are such pure beings, an innocence beyond innocent.

In times of great need Whisps will be called upon, the Treants will send out a call and they will come.  Once a Great Tree of Life was dying, having been corrupted by man.  Thousands upon thousands of Whisps gathered, covering the tree entirely – all pulsating with immense light.  Angels gathered, singing a Seraphim song of undying love.   You could feel the earth vibrating, healing, sending forth as much energy as it could to heal this Tree.

The Tree was saved, for with such devotion and love – how could it not.
The Tree was saved, for with such devotion and love – how could it not.

I, personally have never seen Whisps during the day.  Only at night do I see them flying around.  I do not know where they go during the day – that remains a mystery.  Even as I type this I’m asking, the reply I receive is “Somethings are not needed to be known”

They are Lady Gaia’s helpers, they heal her other children.  If you are ever blessed with the presence of a Whisp – really understand how lucky you are and know that you have a pure heart, for they would not approach someone who does not.


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