The Vision

I wish to start a community, a community that lives in unity and harmony.  Not just with each other, but with all the energies found in creation.  With the energies of Mother Gaia, who holds and supports us.  The energies from the Galaxies and true Source.  We live, each day, in harmony with these energies.  We honor Lady Gaia who is present in everything.  The trees, the buildings, the sky, even our own bodies.

For me, the vision is to have 75 000 acres of forested land, by going backwards do we go forward.  We bring back Druidism and Shamanism.  We teach children how to harness and use the energies of Earth so that we can grow plants and trees in a matter of minutes.  We connect to the land, we feel the forests, the trees, the plants.  We breathe the land as it breathes us.

We have animal whispers that connects us to the animal kingdom, being able to teach us more about animals, us living in unison with them.

The crystalline devices that were used in Lemuria and Atlantis are used in our daily lives.  We draw on free energy for our daily lives – something which has already been proven and put into effect in some places.  We use crystals throughout the forest and the community – we honor all the energies that can be found.  We don’t need doctors for we have healers that can assist and restore anything.

We actively work with the elementals: the fairies, the dragons, giants, elves and all the other elementals from the other realms.  They assists us in our daily lives, truly we are living in a Golden Age – an age where we are connected to everything.  Where we feel connected to everything, we see and hear everything.  We can look up at the blue sky and see the millions upon millions of stars that are looking back at us – supporting us.

I envision a large clearing somewhere, where we have huge crystals placed all around the perimeter of it.  We would go there and connect to these crystals – creating a massive pillar and conduit of light.  Almost like mass ascension – imagine every crystal that can be found on Earth and beyond placed in a large circle – huge ones that are vibrating at immense frequencies.  We all connected to each of them.  We bring down a pure pillar of light connecting us to Source but also from below to Mother Lady Gaia.  The illusion of separation is just that – an illusion.

The best thing of all is – we can do this right now.  All of the pieces, the technology, the people are mostly there already.  Humanity is shifting so quickly now, we’re moving higher and higher and things are just getting more and more wonderful.  This for me, is a way of coming home.  To live in a space and place where people share the same values – the same feeling inside of their hearts.  We live in total harmony with all energies – we feel it every day inside of us and other people.  This is a beautiful thing, something which I feel has to be shared – has to be given to the world.  A friend said we should just get an island as that would work best.

Of course we won’t all live in the same spot – 75 000 acres is a lot of land.  There will be villages and clusters of people doing certain things.  Yet we work together, we help and assist each other.  We don’t live in isolation as anybody and everybody who shares the vision, the dream, something that they will within their heart – are welcome to join and live with us.

It saddens me deeply that humanity has reached the point that it has – that there are so many moulds, believes and structures placed upon us.  We are no longer free to be who we can be, accepted for what we are.  So many of us have to change our truth so that we ‘fit in’ and in so doing, we lie to ourselves.  We deny ourselves the freedom of being who we were meant to be, who we were born to be.

My biggest passion in life, is to reconnect people with their inner light, their inner joy – to make them realize again just how wonderful they are – that we need not be subdued to the knowledge of ‘thems’ and ‘theys’

Let us be free, let each and every person shine the light that lives inside of them.  Let those that wish it – be one with the universe which they know is part of them.  That we can be at home within ourselves, living our truth which in essence is the same truth for all.

And thus, the community I wish to build – is a large corner stone of that.  A place where we may feel safe, where we truly can feel the connection which is between us and all of creation.  Where children are taught in the new ways – where by moving backwards do we move forward.  We raise the frequency and level of consciousness just by being.  We are not going out and changing people. No! Just with our sheer existence, our way of life will people open up – make them realize that there is so much more.  Life is an infinite gift beyond the measure or scope of a human mind.  Every moment, every breathe, every step we take – should an honor and tribute to our very existence, our essence of purity and Divinity that is within us.  We live in joy, we are joy – there is nothing that could ever harm us for we see the absolute perfection in everything and everyone.

There is a song I love and the chorus is: “Falling higher, higher into the sky” and  yes – let us fall into the sky.  There are no restraints, no blocks, no obstacles or anything to hold us down.  No, we fall into the sky for we are removed from anything that is heavy, all fears, all doubts, we as humanity rise above that, supporting each other, helping each other, giving to each other without conditions or requirements.

That is my passion, and the start the community is currently my focus and drive.  For as we do that, we put into place the very foundation of the new world which is so very close to us already.

I thank you for reading, and ask that you share this with whomever you feel fitting.  My heart is bursting with this, for I know it is truth and it is wonderful.  My greatest wish it to make this a realization – not for fame or money, no – for community, for harmony and a billion hearts beating in unison with light, with love, with honor and trust.  With every beat, do we become stronger and more beautiful.


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