Scroll from Andromeda

From Andromeda.

Gold sheet – turquoise/aquamarine script.

The Golden ages of Lemuria and Atlantis are rising again.  They are here with us and need to be anchored.  The Dead Sea Scrolls rose again to remind humanity of times past, of sacred knowledge and the secrets protected by the sea.

The waters cleansed the earth when the experiments failed, and protected humankind from total destruction.  The aqua/blue/green colours help to maintain important vibrations and the currents of the sea ensure that they are maintained.  The salt content also has a vital role that cleanses and holds magical properties.

Navigation of the sea and humanity’s relationship with it has continued to remind people, and to represent the flow of energy that has to be respected.  We may flow with its currents but not fight it.  The force is too powerful.  Leonardo da Vinci had an inherent understanding of this as a very high initiate.  His water motion diagrams represent the attempts by humanity to remember the majesty of the seas.  Many ancient people such as the Mayans were fully aware of the water’s power.

The creatures of the ocean play grand roles on earth.  As most of the time they are hidden from view, like the angels and so many beings, they bestow a blessing when they reveal themselves to humanity.

Other beings in the galaxies continue to observe the role of water on earth, especially those on Andromeda.

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