Scroll of Fire

Fluidity of all things.

Networks forged by complex technologies, yet appear fluid and effortless in motion.

Scroll made/kept in earth’s core.  Holds codes of evolution.  Guarded by salamanders and dragons.

Humankind must learn to use white fire to dissolve negativity, despair, wrongdoing on earth.  It is used throughout universe.  White fire of stars.

St. Germaine brought silver violet flame – this is different.

A beautiful thing – much has been distorted through the ages as the fires of hell – not so. It is for purification and purging.  Sit in meditation and connect with earth’s core, with the stars, intend that the fire essence purify you.  Feel it in your own core, moving within, through and around, engulfing your being.  A mighty and powerful tool.  For high initiates.

The fire/flame masters of Sirius will share their wisdom.

Merlin also will train those who are willing in the fire magic.

Wars on earth will be dissolved through love’s fires.  Intend that this is so.

The practice of alchemy is returning and more will engage with this.  Lord Merlin with guide with his knowledge and wisdom.  Much discernment is needed.  He will teach those who wish/need to learn.

The karma of wars, industrial landscapes, the great scars of history are now offered absolution in divine timing.

The Olympic flame – its symbol reached millions in this year of 2012 when consciousness is rising.  Symbols placed in the hearts if millions.

Warning within scroll – those who are called to do so must take up their mantle of greatness and lead humanity into the new world.  They must act.

Dictators leaving the earth – being held in purification chambers until ready to move on.  Lightworkers must fill the void and lead those lost beings on earth to enlightenment.

Practice white magic; it exists, engage with it.  It is awakening after deep sleep and returning to the earth.

Symbols from Scroll
Symbols from Fire Scroll

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