Scroll of Ice

The Scroll is held in the etheric in the heart of glaziers.  It is crystal-like, sparkling and pure.  It holds the secrets of the role of ice on earth, and throughout the universe.  Frozen rock-like planets represent life in all purity, perfection, and cleansed.

Earth experienced floods for immediate cleansing after the great experiments, however if was the ice age that held it in deep cleansing so that humanity could begin a new journey.  Mini ‘ice-ages’ were occasionally sent over the centuries to raise the vibrations where necessary.

The energies and codes within the ice and frost are of a high vibration.  The geometric shapes within snowflakes or frost reveal the complex and very deep nature of the encodements within it.  Whenever you see a snow-scape or frost covered earth and trees feel at peace and witness the beauty of nature’s processes.  The elementals know how to work with this and beings of the ice arrive to assist.

Just as gases can ignite in flames they can also freeze.  Many planets consist of frozen gases.  The ice energy is a version of the white fire of stars.  You can tap into and use the ice energy in service to the earth and to humanity.  See places, situations, and people placed within it for purification and cleansing.  See them encased in a magical ice block that will restore and heal them.

There are purer nations on earth that have been held in ice for a long time.  The earth’s poles also play an important role in holding her vibration.  The eskimos incarnated to work with the ice and are guardians of the knowledge it holds.

The melting of the ice in the Polar Regions posed a threat to the earth.  Humanity is awakening and this process in beginning to reverse now.  Through using the ice energy we can help this.  The ice has held in safekeeping some of the codes, and energies for the new world.  These can begin to anchor through use of the ice energy.

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