Scroll of Lady Gaia

It is Lady Gaia beloveds, and there is great joy in your willingness to carry out this work and bring forth the truth. I pour love into you as you walk upon the earth, and all elementals assist you.

My essence is in all things and you will find me everywhere. We are a great team in this task.

The codes of evolution are emerging, guarded by the Elves for aeons, and are now bringing forth great purity and re-establishing our truth.

Humanity must regain the trust of the elementals and re-build the sacred relationship that once existed. The love will be as strong as ever it was if you will only surrender to it.

Look to the trees, the leaves, the grass. Look to those places where you will find me in cities for I am always there. Keys will continue to emerge that will unlock the mysteries of long ago. Engage in expectation and awareness. Follow the signs of nature.

I send much love to you this day.

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