Scroll of the Birds

The birds came forth at the dawn of time, sent out by Source.  Their work here is vast, both complex and simple.  They hold the memories of Earth, and of humanity’s time here throughout the ages.  They watched the dinosaurs roam freely, the ancient civilizations, the fall of humanity into darkness, and its journey back to the light.  All the while the birds maintained a high vibration and sang that humanity could access these frequencies and be lifted to higher levels.  The music has many purposes.  It lifts and is very grounding.  Birdsong carries the messages of angels and the divine information of Source.  It purifies the airwaves and heightens the frequencies.

The sacred role extends beyond music and song.  To watch the birds reminds humanity of its true nature.  We are of the earth and of the skies, nurturing, nesting and building a life on earth, yet limitless and soaring upwards always on this journey.  The birds assist the earthly journey, weaving the codes of sacred geometry in flight, anchoring and reinforcing.

They act as constant reminders of ascension, and inspire humanity always to strive forward in this mission.

Each species has a special role.  From the majestic eagle, or the wise owl, to the graceful swallow, garden blackbird and playful sparrow – all must be honoured.  The dove symbolizes the love that is held by the birds.  Mother Dove oversees this work and guides this great task.  Connect and send love to these beautiful beings.

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