Scroll of the Cities

The light cities are rising.

It is time for humanity to remember the importance of the cities and why they came into being. Too much negativity has surrounded their image for a long time. The beauty must come forth and return.

The cities and towns formed through human networks, the sharing of goods and communication. They were alive with energy and were places of beauty – representing mankind’s potential for creativity and greatness.

At the decent they fell into corruption and became associated with crime and poverty. Images of industrialization and Dicken’s Victorian ‘Coke Town’ prevail. This should not be so. The great cleansing is taking place, both physically and energetically.

The greatness is returning to these urban centres once more. Send love to these places. See the lightworkers’ cosmic web form over them. Ask the angels of these cities in what way you might assist – send love to these beings and intend that your energy be added to their work.

The countryside and urban areas should not be in conflict but in mutual support. Both hold great beauty and energy – we must learn to appreciate all aspects of the earth and it progresses through this new age.

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