Scroll of the Egyptians

Egyptian.  Appeared originally as hieroglyphics.

The Ancients worshipped the sun as a God because they knew of its importance to life on earth and how it connected earth to all of the planets and galaxies.

The Egyptians were especially gifted in this knowledge, as were the Mayans and Aztecs.  They used the energy of the sun to create and restore balance to daily life.  They had access to scientific knowledge that could harness this energy and use it for high purposes.  It was used in harmony with planetary alignments and the great cosmic web that was accepted and understood.

The star people of Eqypt carried out very high work with sunlight, water and whirlpools.  They held knowledge of the complex networks and acted as guardians of the sun energy.  To them the sun powered the consciousness of God/source on earth.

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