Scroll of the Wind

“It moves, it glides – it’s there and not really there.

The words are almost whispers, not really seen but heard – almost asif the scroll an apparition of imagination.

But the words stir you, they move you inside your mind and soul

They have traveled across the endless spans of earth, through mountains, rivers, valleys and cities to be here now with you.”

The winds of change move through time and space, revered and feared by humanity.  Here on earth to cleanse and to impart and spread divine information.  We take many forms, from fierce and deadly hurricane force to cool summer breezes that brush the face like silk.  We carry the messages of angels and ask that you are open to receive.

For aeons the winds have played an important role on earth.  We work in unison with the seas and the earth to restore balance in times of need.  We also carry the memories and wisdom of ancestors long ago, and bring these to you now if you will only listen.

There is much that is physical in the work of this invisible force, and yet the winds work on an etheric level also and move within the soul.  Codes may be drawn to use this further, to clear the body and mind of distortions, and to work closer with the elements.

The winds strengthen the elements in their own roles – the air, earth, fire and water.  The elementals work with us also to enhance and anchor their own work.

We ask that you be mindful of this when listening to, or feeling the force of the wind, gentle or strong.

We carry love to you from all the ages.

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