Scroll of White Fire

Rings, circles, geometric patterns alight with star fire.  Place them over, through situations.  Call in the angels that overlight these and the dragons.  Guardians of the secrets now set forth.

It is here now and anchoring with assistance.  Connecting nations and mighty beings.  Transmuting.  It burns through time.  Does not invoke easily as humanity has long tried to avoid it through great fear associated with hell.  It burns distortions and reveals the truth.

‘Ignite through [me/situation], above ____  and around ____.  May the white flames transmute all that is appropriate now, and bring forth new light in its place.  So be it’.

White creatures sense it, owls, white lions, horses.  They carry its memory and remind us of its presence.  Used throughout universe, but much needed on earth – earth must remember now.  Other planets pulsing earth with will to remember and utilize.

Ask the salamanders to help you gain the dragons’ trust.  They have not been so pursued – used in a different way.  They long to see the beauty of fire restored and revered.

Forest fires are increasing and purifying the land.  It is important.  The aborigines have long understood the role of fire in Australian lands.  The earth needs it and it has a vital role in earth’s cycles.

Our fear and reverence reminds us of its power, and brings memories of when we may have misused it.  It can be used for such greatness while maintaining reverence and respect.  A trusted group may tap into this with greater ease and comfort, in the safety of trusted ones.

It ignites the stars, and like a constellation such a group may shine light on situations.

Remember the baby dragons coming forth – lighter but immensely powerful.  They are being nurtured by the ancient ones, may still hold fearful energies, but with reassurance will bring forth great light.

A series of codes to bring forth the white fire may be drawn, and activated and ignited by these flames.  They may be woven into works of art and literature that their messages may ignite the hearts of many.

Lightening reminds us of this power.  Ancient Gods pictured with thunder bolts.  A powerful tool for those high initiates to bring forth.

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