Text from Tombstone of War

The stone embodies all that relates to war on planet earth. Its density is immense, and would take a force such as that of dynamite to break it down in the third dimension. It holds the energy of all the contracts and decrees by humanity to go to war, or to declare war, on another entity.

These wars embody so much and involve so many. They include the Emperors, Kings, Queens, and politicians, tribes, warlords, soldiers, mercenaries, prisoners of war, victims of war crimes, torture, genocides, terror victims, families who have suffered loss and hardship as a result of war.

The strength of the stone comes not only from the sheer amount of residual energy, but also the strength of the beliefs of those involved. Conflict was and is justified by those who believed in a cause and fought with their heart and soul. Many were raised within belief systems that led to deep-rooted hatred and will to fight; they knew no other life or mind set. There were, and are those souls who dedicated their life to these beliefs and gave their lives willingly in sacrifice to the cause. The strength of this is immense. Furthermore, there were those who were brainwashed and cheated into following false causes – these souls continue to hold the weight of this.
The angst, anguish, intolerable pain and humiliation are there to be purged. Such agonies that are unthinkable or unimaginable to those that have not experienced in this way.

There were some soldiers who were able to transmute some of the pain through works of literature, or indeed some were and continue to be honored with white cemeteries and regular ceremony. Those who did not have these outlets were often consumed by the memories, the traumas. Those who lived without acknowledgment were often debilitated by their distress.

Slavery is another aspect that holds vast residual pain. Since the beginning of time, in the ancient civilizations and in more recent times souls were forced to arms, or to work in slave labour to enhance the war power of a nation/state/people. The humiliation and degrading tasks left deep scars in their being, so much to be purged, cleansed and released. The child soldiers especially are an ancient and current tragedy on earth and are represented within the stone.

The animals and creatures also suffered – horses mainly, but others were also used. So much love needs to be sent to these beings who trusted and came here to serve and were greatly wronged in the name of warfare.

The stone holds the akasha of all of these souls, and the dense residual energies that mark the earth. It can be broken down and dissolved – there is a process to its removal. See the stone encased in ice, pure, pure cleansing energy that will penetrate to its core. Place the Karma of War Code within it. See the stone being pulled through the code itself like a net and imagine the code as a web all around it. With the ice and code it will begin to weaken and crumble. Beam lasers of the highest and purest light at the stone, replacing the weapons of war with tools of magic, light and purity. Ask for any assistance necessary and it will be given. Merlin will assist with the lasers and Archangel Michael will guide and help at your request. Many more stand by. The dust that remains of the stone must be converted into positivity and offered to the land. Intend that it is golden shimmering light that will act as etheric fertilizer and help to bring wholeness and light to places that held darkness. The vibration will rise substantially.

Call in the landscape angels who watch over the lands that suffered. They will work with the elementals within their realm to assist with this and to help gain back their trust. Rivers, fields, woods, jungle, deserts, cities, the oceans hold the scars of war. The elementals of these natural places know how to restore the light.

The light will rise again and all will be well.


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