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Stepping beyond the veil

An experience that brings you beyond the veil by dissolving the layers of illusion and separation, thus allowing you to witness the higher realms of consciousness.  Be a Conduit of Light, anchor your pure Divine essence onto planet Earth.

  • Be everything you were meant to be, feel the flow of the universe through your sentient being.
  • By understanding each chakra, knowing how to rotate and amplify them you can gain full mastery over your own energetic field
  • Expanding beyond that to the Galactic Star and Earth Star chakra, growing beyond your current awareness of what a reality is.
  • Ultimately, stepping beyond the veil, beyond the illusion – into the purity, the Divinity and true perfection that you truly are.

I outline the topics of the course, give an overview of the seven main chakras and talk a bit more about the galactic star and earth star chakras.

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The 7 main chakras – $5Small Buy Now Button

Learn techniques on how to connect and understand, alter and strenghten, enhance and accelerate your own energy body on a daily basis, thus allowing you to raise your vibration to pure consciousness.

Aura Building – $7Small Buy Now Button

Learn how to sense, amplify and expand your own aura based upon the techniques learned on how to strengthen and accelerate your own charkas.  The chakras are the powersource to your aura, the aura the foundation to your pillar of Light.  An expanded aura allows you to bring down and manifest a greater pillar of Light.

Galactic & Earth Star chakras $ 15Small Buy Now Button

We adventure further to experience  your Galactic Star and Earth Star chakras, enriching your consciousness and allowing greater Divinity to shower and flow into your being.

Universal flow, a journey home – $10Small Buy Now Button

With all your chakras open, your energy field expanded and enhanced, the energy now flowing from your Earth Star charka to the Galactic Star chakra – we travel up, out of our bodies into the Universe to the the centre of Divinity and creation.

Bundle – $30
Purchase the entire series at a discounted price  Small Buy Now Button

If you would like further information, a private journey or go beyond what you have experienced here,  click here to see my sessions page

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